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Desjardins General Insurance: Auto and Property Insurance

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Car Insurance

You don’t have to pay more for your car insurance even if rates are increasing in the market. Switch to Desjardins Insurance and save on your auto insurance! Our no commission, no fee, low cost structure allows us to keep our car insurance premiums lower for longer!

Home Insurance

Desjardins Insurance offers competitive rates for home and tenant insurance. Whether you need basic property insurance or complete coverage, with us, you’ll find a solution that meets your needs.

Protect your pet!

Get pet insurance coverage that’s tailored to your pet’s needs.

Discover Ajusto!

Up to 25% additional savings on your car insurance.
5-Year New Vehicle Protection

Have a new vehicle?

Why not consider 5-Year New Vehicle Protection.

Insurance Fraud

Partnering with the insurance industry to fight fraud head on

Insurance News

Drive safe and save up to 25% with the new Ajusto mobile app

Ajusto is the first fully mobile telematics insurance program in Canada – and it's free! No need to plug a device into your car – just use your smartphone to track and improve your driving in ...

Return of retrofit program for homeowners

Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver recently announced the renewal of a retrofit program to help homeowners green their properties and perhaps lower their home insurance rates at the same ...

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