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Why choose Desjardins Insurance

National influence, local presence

Through its subsidiaries, DGIG offers a line of property and casualty insurance products and complementary services across Canada. We’re also a player in the white label market. Our products are distributed through several Customer Contact Centres, through our network of exclusive agents, through P&C insurance agents in the Desjardins caisse network in Quebec and through our websites and smartphone technology.

Easy to work with

We think auto insurance should be easy – easy to afford, easy to buy, easy to make a claim. So we provide auto insurance at a low price, and we make it really easy for you to do business with us.

Need a quote? Our online quoter is always available to estimate a premium. Need more information? Our licensed insurance advisors work outside of regular business hours (Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm and Saturday 8am to 4pm), making it convenient for you to reach us on your schedule.

Always there for you

And when we say always, we mean always. When you need to make a claim or need emergency assistance, call us anytime – whether that’s 3am on a Tuesday, dinnertime on a Sunday, or during morning rush hour… Whenever you need us, our claims agents will help you with speed, efficiency and care – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Leading the way

We’re always looking for ways to improve auto insurance for Canadians. Our commitment to innovation led to the free Ajusto® app, the first fully mobile insurance telematics program in Canada. The app lets you learn more about your driving habits, get rewarded based on how you drive, and improve road safety – all from the palm of your hand.

Plus, we offer other advantages that save you money and keep things simple for you – even when life gets messy:

Accident-Free Protection – Your car insurance premium won’t increase as a result of your first at-fault accident.

The $0 Deductible Option – You pay no deductible when making a claim – whether the accident is your fault or not. The $0 Deductible Option is a great way to avoid unforeseen expenses in the event of a claim.

The Trouble-Free Option – This option provides auto insurance coverage:

  • if you borrow or rent a car for a short period of time
  • if your car breaks down
  • if your car is stolen
  • if your car is off the road following a covered accident

Winter Tires – Save 5% if your car is equipped with four winter tires.

Loyalty Savings – You may receive savings based on the number of years you were continuously insured with your previous insurer.

We’re leading the charge on auto insurance innovation – putting money back in your pocket, saving you time, and making life easier for you, every day.


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  • Ajusto is underwritten by Desjardins Insurance, which refers to Certas Direct Insurance Company.
  • ® Ajusto is a registered trademark of Desjardins General Insurance Inc., used with permission by Certas Direct Insurance Company.