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null 10 Productive Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning is often a beneficial for us practically and mentally. It’s an annual tradition, which helps us gain more motivation to tackle household tasks after a gloomy winter. To provide further inspiration, here are 10 productive spring cleaning tips to make your house spic-and-span.

1. Strategize

The best way to tackle spring cleaning chores is to set a plan in motion. Make a list of all the tasks that need to be done and the estimated amount of time each task will take. Next, highlight the top five tasks which should be done first. Schedule a time in your calendar for when you will take the particular cleaning chore on. For example, Saturday morning or Tuesday night after dinner. You can also set a reminder on your smartphone. Having a solid plan and schedule will help ease stress and make spring cleaning seem less intimidating.

2.Create a cleaning kit

There’s nothing like starting a spring cleaning chore and realizing you don’t have the proper cleaner or not enough disinfecting wipes. Before you begin, have a look at all the current cleaning supplies you own. If you’re missing anything, buy it or borrow from a friend or family member. 
Spring cleaning hack: put all the cleaning supplies you use the most in a shower caddy or basket, so you will be able to carry them from room to room.

3.Pack any winter gear away

Winter jackets, scarves, hats, gloves and boots take up plenty of space. Have a storage container and place ready for them, when the time comes. Depending on the weather forecast and where you live, there still could be snow arriving this month. Rid your closet of any winter clothes or accessories you didn’t wear. The chances are, if you didn’t wear it this season, you won’t wear it for the next winter.

4.Wardrobe woes

As well as getting rid of winter clothing and accessories you don’t wear anymore, declutter the rest of your wardrobe. Donate the unwanted clothes and bags. After purging your closet, you should feel more refreshed and organized. Now, you will have room for new spring fashion clothes.

5.Set a timer

Some people thrive on spring cleaning, while others steer away from it.  Limit distractions such as texting and Netflix, and focus on the task at hand. Set a timer and make a deal with yourself. For instance, if you spend two hours cleaning the garage, you can watch two episodes of your favourite show later on. Time yourself and reward yourself.

6.Top to bottom

When cleaning a room, work your way from top to bottom. First, focus on the ceiling and clean any fan and light fixtures. Next, wash the walls with a diluted all-purpose cleaning solution, but start at the bottom this time. If you have to move any furniture or appliances, make sure you do so safely.

7.Tidy the fridge

You’d be surprised at what you can find in the fridge. Look closely at expiry dates. Throw away any food, which may have gone bad. Remove any fridge drawers and wash them separately in warm water and dish soap. If you notice any stains in your fridge, use baking soda to remove them.

8.Chore charts

Your children can help with spring cleaning too! If you don’t already have a chore chart, they are a simple yet effective way at keeping track of everyone’s chores and making sure all family members are pulling their fair share. Chore charts can come in various designs such as a wheel or a checklist with visuals. For spring cleaning, you could assign them a few small tasks or have them pair up with a parent.

9.Organize a garage sale

Having a garage sale is an efficient way to get rid of items you don’t use anymore. It lets your trash, turn into cash. Garage sales are also something the children can help out with. They can even sell their old toys. If you don’t end up selling any items, you can always donate them to a charity.

10.Freshen up

To finish off spring cleaning, treat yourself to some new potted plants, scented candles or add a pop of bright colour with new décor to liven up your home. These items will contribute to brightening your mood, and spark creative energy.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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10 Productive Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is almost here! We Canadians are ready for spring, and so are our houses. Around this time of year, we like to refresh our homes for warmer days ahead.

These tips are provided for information and prevention purposes only. They are general in nature, and Desjardins Insurance cannot be held liable for them. We recommend using caution and consulting an expert for comprehensive, tailored advice.

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