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null 10 Spring Activities for Kids

With these top spring activities, your kids will want to play outside all day.

1. The park

On a gorgeous day, you and your kids can spend hours at the local park. There are plenty of things to do at the park such as climbing on the monkey bars, swinging on the swings, having a picnic, throwing a Frisbee around and making new friends with other kids and their families. If you have a furry four-legged friend, be sure to bring them along as well. They can meet other dogs and have plenty of space to run around and play.

2. Catch

Spring is baseball season, and what better way to get into the spirit of baseball by playing catch with your kids. This activity can help build strength, coordination, and endurance. It has also been known to act as a great bonding experience. Playing catch can be done at the park, in the backyard or safely on your street.

3. Bike riding

With the warm weather, it’s time to take your bikes out of the garage. You can ride with the little ones up and down the street or around the neighbourhood. Just make sure to stress the importance of wearing a helmet and bike street safety rules.

3. Plant flowers

Spring is often associated with budding flowers and growth. When you are out in the garden, ask your children to be garden helpers. Share your passion with them and teach them how to plant flowers or vegetables. Make sure your little helpers have small tools they will be able to use.

4. Take a hike

Bring your whole family on a hiking adventure! Explore local and kid-friendly trails, which won’t be too strenuous, yet will still be enjoyable for everyone. Make sure you bring plenty of water, small snacks and a first aid kit. For additional safety reasons, let another family member and friend know when you are leaving and which hiking trail you are going to be taking.

5. Soccer

Soccer is a fun sport for all ages. Bring a soccer ball to the park with you or kick it around in your backyard. Similar to playing catch, soccer can most likely improve strength, coordination, and flexibility as well as teamwork skills.

6. Fly a kite

Learning how to fly a kite is a classic and enjoyable outdoor activity. Your children will be proud to see their kite soar in the sky and will have fun keeping it up in the air. Kite flying can help teach hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Though, be sure not to fly your kite near any power lines or busy streets.

8. Jump rope

This is an activity most kids are probably familiar with already. Playing jump rope is a recess activity, and can be a weekend activity too. Challenge your kids to a skipping contest or ask them to teach you how to master a double Dutch. It’s a spring activity, which can build strong bones and break a sweat.

9. Visit a petting zoo

Spend an afternoon at a local petting zoo or hands-on farm. Take lots of pictures of your kids interacting with all the different animals. Strike up conversations with the zookeepers and farmers to learn fun animal facts. 

10. DIY bird feeder

Spring is a popular time for birdwatching. To help attract birds to your own backyard, make your own bird feeder. It’s a simple project for all ages. Pinterest has a huge collection of DIY bird feeder ideas to choose from.

Happy spring!

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10 Spring Activities for Kids

The weather is starting to warm up, blue skies are appearing and plants are starting to bloom. It’s time to embrace the beautiful outdoors and plan for family outings.

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