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null 10 Summer Activities for Kids

1. Swimming

Whether at the local outdoor pool or at the cottage, swimming is one of the best ways to cool down from the blistering summer heat. All that splashing and diving is enjoyable for children of all ages. Just be sure to follow water safety procedures.

2. Waterslide in the backyard

Bring on the backyard water fun by creating your own waterslide. First, you will need a plastic or camping tarp and place it on an incline or small slope in your yard. To secure the tarp you can use garden staples to stake it down on each side. Next, you can set up a garden hose at the top of the slide, making the water cascade downwards. You can use a sprinkler as well to create extra water. Lastly, add dish soap or shampoo to make the tarp slippery and let the sliding begin!

3. Afternoon ice-cream

Treat yourself and the young ones to an afternoon ice-cream run. With so many different flavours to choose from like, chocolate, vanilla, butter pecan and strawberry, this frozen snack practically screams summer.

4. Beach day

Head to your local beach and have a full day of fun in the sun making sandcastles and swimming. Just be sure to pack sand toys, hats, sunglasses, towels and extra sunscreen. If your kids do plan to swim, be sure to follow water safety procedures.

5. Fly a kite

This soothing outdoor activity is entertaining for the whole family. Flying a kite can help teach your children hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Make sure you don’t fly your kite anywhere near any power lines or busy streets.

6. Make your own popsicles

Homemade popsicles are quite the summer treat. They are easy to make and delicious to taste. Pick up some ice pop molds that are freezer-friendly and look up homemade popsicle recipes online for ideas.

7. Read outside

Reading doesn’t have to just be for school, your kids can read during the summer too. Create a reading nook or provide a comfortable space for reading outside in your backyard. If you have some avid readers in the family, work on conquering that summer reading list.

8. Have a picnic

Visit your local park and have a picnic with the children. You can sit under a shaded area and snack on some sandwiches and have water and juice boxes to quench your thirst. Bring a Frisbee or soccer ball to play with after eating.

9. Camp in your backyard

Host a camp night in your backyard by setting up a few tents, stargazing, singing songs and roasting marshmallows by the campfire. If you have a fire pit, be sure to follow fire safety procedures. If the kids aren’t comfortable sleeping outside or are too young, you can always bring the tents inside and continue the camping experience indoors.

10. Become a summer volunteer

Summer is a terrific time to teach your children the importance of giving back. There are plenty of opportunities and organizations to volunteer with. Whether it’s volunteering with animals, at a local food bank or library, volunteering is a valuable gift you can provide to yourself and others.

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10 Summer Activities for Kids

Boy jumping on the beach

Summer is just around the corner, which means the kids will be finished school and looking forward to having some fun in the sun. Make this the best summer yet with these affordable and family-friendly summer activities for kids.

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