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null 5 Barbecue Menu Ideas for a Crowd

Pineapple BBQ meatballs

This spicy and sweet recipe will add a tropical island vibe to your barbecue bash. Not only are these homemade pineapple BBQ meatballs simple to make, but they can be customized to you and your guest’s particular taste buds. You can substitute ground beef for ground turkey or add chili flakes to provide extra heat.

Grilled corn and bean salad

Salad is a healthy component of any barbecue party. This delightful dish includes smoked barbecue corn, chickpeas, black beans, chopped jalapeño and green and red peppers. It is easy to prepare and serve for a large number of people. This salad is perfect for summer backyard soirees.

Grilled cheeseburger kebabs

Finger foods are a necessity at any party, especially when mingling. Instead of cheeseburgers, prepare these grilled cheeseburger kebabs. Your guests will enjoy the bite-size food and appreciate the new twist on classic barbecue foods.

Bacon ranch sliders

This one is for all the bacon lovers out there! This recipe should be a big hit at your barbecue bash and is simple enough to put together. Grill the mini beef patties; add some crispy bacon and buttermilk ranch dip for extra tastiness.

Pork ribs

Ribs are another traditional barbecue favourite. This recipe is terrific for a large crowd and budget friendly. You can grill the pork ribs on the barbecue, covered and on medium heat for approximately 20 minutes on each side. Next, you will baste the ribs in plenty of marinade sauce. Continue to grill for another 15-20 minutes, while basting every few minutes.

Before you start barbecuing, take some precautions and read these barbecue safety tips to help protect you and your family, party guests and home.

Happy BBqing!

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5 Barbecue Menu Ideas for a Crowd

Various barbecue foods on the grill

Planning a barbecue bash with plenty of guests? Look for inspiration from these mouth-watering barbecue menu ideas that make cooking for a crowd less intimidating and more entertaining. Get grilling all season long!

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