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null 5 Tips on How to Survive Pothole Season

Water will seep under the streets, expanding in the pavement until it deteriorates and cracks. Then, the weight of passing vehicles over the spot will break apart the pavement again, creating a pothole. These potholes can be brutal to your vehicle’s tires. When you drive over a pothole, the tires will take the brunt of the hit. To help protect your vehicle and its tires, follow these tips on how to make it through pothole season safely.

1. Avoid, avoid and avoid

With the help of mobile technology, it’s possible to avoid potholes all together. There are several Canadian cities where mobile apps are available for drivers to report potholes. Before driving, you can open the app and check to see if there will be any potholes along your route. If you spot a new pothole, be sure to announce it on the app and let your local transportation authorities know so they can get it repaired as soon as possible.

2. Check tire pressure

Make sure all four tires are properly inflated. This is possibly one of the best defences against potholes. If your tires have low pressure, you will most likely cause more damage to your vehicle.  Proper tire pressure can help in case you need to make any abrupt stops.

3. No swerving

If you are driving and spot a pothole up ahead on the road, be sure to drive around it carefully. Try not to panic and rapidly swerve to avoid it. If you swerve and hit the pothole on an angle, it’s worse for your vehicle. In these types of situations it’s better to drive over a pothole head-on. Swerving could also cause you to get into car collision with another vehicle or hit a cyclist or pedestrian.

4. Drive slowly

Reduce your speed if you are driving on a street scattered with potholes. Lift your feet off the brakes just before reaching a pothole. This will help minimize any possible damages to your car when you drive over an inevitable pothole.

5. Watch out for puddles

Potholes can potentially pop up after it rains. If you see any large puddles on the road, try to dodge them as potholes could lie beneath them. Curb lanes can also be a culprit for creating pesky potholes because of the way a road will drain. It’s better to be safe than sorry when coming across a big pool of water on the road.

Living in Canada means experiencing pothole season. Though, if you drive slowly and avoid potholes carefully, you can minimize the amount of damage to your vehicle. If you do hit a pothole, assess the damage and have a mechanic examine it. Check with your insurance company to find out if you are able to make a claim for damages to your vehicle.

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5 Tips on How to Survive Pothole Season

Spring is here, which means its pothole season! After freezing weather conditions, potholes will typically begin to form on older road surfaces.

These tips are provided for information and prevention purposes only. They are general in nature, and Desjardins Insurance cannot be held liable for them. We recommend using caution and consulting an expert for comprehensive, tailored advice.

In Quebec, Desjardins Insurance refers to Desjardins General Insurance Inc. In Ontario and Alberta, Desjardins Insurance refers to Certas Direct Insurance Company, underwriter of automobile and property insurance.

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