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null 7 Wise Wedding Season Tips for Guests

It can also be a time of stress, nerves and over-spending. To help ease wedding season woes, we have some tips on how to make it through upcoming nuptials.


So, you’ve been invited to a wedding. Don’t forget to mark the date in your calendar and set a reminder to RSVP within a timely manner. It’s important as a guest to not only RSVP in the first place, but send an RSVP response in the same way the bride and groom sent you the invite. For instance, if they sent the invitation by mail with beautiful stationary as most couples do, you should send your RSVP back to them by mail instead of a text or replying to them in person. A written response can also help the couple with final counts for table seating and food.


Whether you have one or 10 weddings to attend this year, it’s important to not over-spend. It is nice to buy a new outfit, but it’s not necessarily something you need for every wedding. Instead of buying new outfits to wear an option is to rent clothes or swap clothes with a family member or friend.

When it comes to wedding gifts, guests tend to spend an average of $75-$100. Although there is no required amount a guest should spend on a wedding gift. Essentially, it’s up to the guests themselves and based on their own budget. If you are attending the wedding of a family member or a close friend, you might want to think about spending more. Then, there’s also the issue of whether you get a wedding gift from the registry or a monetary gift. Again, this can be a personal decision based on your budget and your relationship to the couple.


If you are going to a destination wedding, plan this trip as you would for a vacation. Book flight, hotel and rental car if needed in advance as well as sending a wedding card or gift to the couple before you leave. If it’s a local wedding, be sure to decide whether you will need a designated driver or if you can take public transportation or call for an Uber or taxi home. If you do plan to drink, make sure you have a safe plan of action to get home.

When travelling to the venue, be sure to arrive approximately 30 minutes early. If you are running late or stuck in traffic, do not try to find a seat while the bride is walking down the aisle. Make sure the coast is clear and try to sneak into a row near the back to not disrupt the ceremony.

What to bring

It can be difficult to decide what to bring and what to wear for a wedding. First, check the weather forecast to see if you will need to bring an umbrella or if you need to bring a shawl or cardigan for when it gets cooler in the evening. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes as it will be a long evening of mingling and dancing.


When you receive the wedding invitation, look closely to see whether you are allowed to invite a plus-one. If there is no plus-one, do not write your significant other’s name on the RSVP card or call to ask the bride whether they can squeeze in one more person. If you are engaged or married, and the invitation is only addressed to you, it’s reasonable to connect with the bride to let them know.

Positive attitude

This may seem silly, but when coming face to face with relatives and peers you haven’t seen in a while, negative emotions can come out. Try to remember, that it’s the bride and groom’s special day and leave the drama behind. Be happy for the couple and bask in the grand celebration of true love.

Social media

In most modern weddings, couples tend to choose their own wedding hashtags for guests to use on their social media posts. This makes it easier for the bride and groom to relive their big day and see all the pictures in one place. If the wedding you are attending does not have a hashtag, check in with the bride or anyone from the bridal party to ask permission to post pictures online. It’s possible that some couples may want to pictures first before their guests do, so ease on the side of caution and ask first.

Happy wedding season!

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7 Wise Wedding Season Tips for Guests

bride and groom creating heart shape with their hands

Ah, wedding season. It’s the time of year when you celebrate love, reunite with loved ones you haven’t seen in a while, listen to sentimental and heart-warming toasts as well as busting some epic moves on the dance floor.

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