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null 8 Easy Ways to Exercise at Home

Getting exercise at home is becoming more common. Whether you’re not a gym person or have a busy schedule, there are easy and fun ways to workout without using any equipment or leaving the house.

1. Watch a video

Use the World Wide Web to your advantage. Search for any exercise blogs or visit YouTube to watch workout videos. Most of the routines you can find online, are simple and take 15 minutes or less while others are 30 minutes or more, and challenging. Some videos are even from professional fitness instructors who can help you get fit on your own terms.

2. Download an app

The digital age is helping us keep active. There is a constant stream of new apps, designed to keep us in shape and organized. From calorie counting to recording your fitness results, there’s an ideal app for you. Some apps are free while others cost money, but both will help with your workout routine.  It’s as if your smartphone is your personal trainer.

3. Jump for joy

This classic recess activity is something that can be done anywhere, even inside your own living room! Whether you are a beginner or a jump rope enthusiast, there’s a jump rope workout you’ll most likely enjoy. You can search online for jump rope workouts or make up your own. All you need is a jump rope, comfortable fitness wear and water to stay hydrated.

4. Dance like no one’s watching

Never underestimate the power of dance. Turn on your favourite jams and let your body do the rest. Dancing has been known to relieve stress, improve your memory, increase flexibility, boost your mood, lose weight and develop better balance. Dancing can be done in any room in your home and doesn’t have to be a solo activity. Encourage any family members or friends to join in on the dance party.

5. Binge break

Binge-watching shows is a great guilty pleasure. To remain active and keep the body moving, stand up and stretch after each episode. Or create a workout game where every time you see a certain character on screen, you have to do jumping jacks or squats. This way you can still watch your show and break a sweat.

6. Set up your own home yoga studio

Yoga can be done anywhere. All you need is a yoga mat, comfortable fitness wear, an uncluttered area of your home, and a video or article on yoga poses. If you’re new to yoga, start off with beginner yoga poses and expand your practice. Since it’s your own home yoga studio, create a class schedule filled with different styles of yoga. You’ll be a yogi in no time.

7. Burning burpees

Burpees are a full-body cardio exercise intended to increase your muscle strength and burn calories, in a short time. They require some simple steps. First, stand with your feet shoulder width apart, abs tight and shoulders back. Dip into a low squat with both hands on the ground, place hands outside your feet. Secondly, switch to a plank position. Then drop to a push-up position – either on your chest or your knees. Push yourself back up to a plank position. Jump your feet back between your hands. With a burst of energy, jump into the air with your arms straight over your head. Now, repeat these burpees several times in a row or sets of 15. You will certainly feel the effect of the burning burpee.

8. Turn chore time into exercise time

Similar, to working out while watching television, you can work out while doing certain chores. For instance, before putting your laundry in the washer, lift the basket over your head and hold for five seconds and repeat. Or try the dishwasher squat when you are putting dirty dishes into the bottom rack. This not only helps your muscles, but prevents any bending over back pain.

Happy exercising!

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8 Easy Ways to Exercise at Home

Want to get fit, but not leave the comfort of your own home? There’s a solution to that. At-home workouts!

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