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null 9 Activities you can do with your Kids during the Winter Holidays

Without breaking the bank, we have a few ideas on how to entertain the youngsters, while creating new holiday traditions the whole family will love.

1. Bake homemade holiday treats

Get into the festive spirit with baking! There are many easy, fast and fun recipe ideas to try out such as gingerbread cookies, candy cupcakes, chocolate-dipped pretzels, brownies, and the classic; sugar cookies. Not only will your little elves enjoy making them, they will love to eat them as well. Just be sure to save some for yourself, before they are all gone.

2. Holiday lights

Take a stroll around the neighbourhood and see all the beautiful lights and holiday displays. There are many magnifcient illuminations in the city, and some might even be in your residential area. Bring the whole family, and take some pictures for next year’s light inspiration.

3. Creative crafts

Plan an afternoon for arts and crafts time. With simple instruction and basic materials, your kids can make an assortment of crafts. They can draw a holiday portrait of their family, create their own Christmas tree ornaments, and make paper chain snowflakes.

4. Go sledding

Bundle up and head to the nearest toboggan hill! This classic winter activity provides hours of fun-filled laughter and adventure. Be sure to treat yourselves after to some hot cocoa to warm up.

5. Have an ice day

Lace up those skates! Ice skating makes for a terrific winter activity for all ages. There are many local rinks available to the public across the city. If you’re a hockey family, there are smaller ice rinks used for the sport. Challenge your neighbours to a game. Or if you’re feeling extra adventurous, follow our step-by-step guide to building your own backyard ice rink.

6. Make a snow family

Nothing says winter, like a freshly built snowman. Gather the whole gang outside and build a family of snowmen. The children will have so much fun in the snow, and their enthusiasm will surely bring a smile to your face.

7. Board game night

Put the electronics away for an old-fashioned board game night! Bring out the classics such as Monopoly, the Game of Life and Battleship. Make new memories and get ready for an evening full of friendly competition and laughs.

8. Visit the library

Drop by your local library branch during the holidays. Libraries not only offer a wide selection of books but also a variety of educational and engaging programs for children of all ages. The best part of all, it’s completely free! 

9. Family’s got talent

Host a family talent show and let the kids shine! Hand out awards and certificates for different acts. Encourage your kids to be as creative as possible. Wear costumes and perform a fun family finale together. A talent show not only makes for fantastic memories but also a great photo and video opportunity.

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9 Activities you can do with your Kids during the Winter Holidays

The kids are home from school, and they’ll be looking for fun activities to do.

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