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null 9 Winter Date Ideas

1. Ice Skating

Bundle up and head to the nearest ice rink for a romantic night out. Glide along the ice and take in the whimsical outdoor scenery. Some ice rinks even have live DJs, so if you’re feeling bold, bust some epic dance move on the rink.

2. Tobogganing

Take part in this nostalgic activity and get ready for a laugh-out-loud time. Just be sure to go during the daytime so there’s enough light on the hill. Embrace the mini-adrenaline rush!

3. Sip Hot Chocolate

Cozy up with some delicious hot chocolate at a café or make your own at home. This warm beverage is one of the best treats for a chilly day. Add as many marshmallows and whipped cream as you like!

4. Winter Walk

Embrace winter wonderland with a walk in the fresh sparkling snow. Inhale the crisp air and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Take some photos to cherish the stunning winter scene. Or if you are feeling ambitious, try going for a winter run.  

5. Baking

Keep the holiday baking going all season long! Fill your home with the fresh-out-of-the-oven aroma and try out different cookie and gingerbread recipes. The abundance of sweet desserts will excite your taste buds.

6. Read By the Fireplace

There’s nothing like curling up by the fireplace with a good book. Reading can transport you to faraway lands or different eras. Enjoy being near your partner and embracing the warm ambience of a crackling fire. Stay cozy and secure with our Fireplace Safety and Maintenance Guide blog post.

7. Game Night

Nothing like some friendly competition and laughter to get the romance flowing.  Challenge your partner to Scrabble, Connect Four or Trivial Pursuit. Let the games begin!

8. Watch a Hockey Game

If you can’t grab NHL tickets, check out a local hockey or University hockey game. Dress warmly and cheer loudly for your favourite team! Visit a pub nearby to complete your sporty day.

9. The Zoo

Most people don’t think about venturing to the zoo during winter, although it’s one of the best times to go. The animals are more active in the cold than they are on hot summer days. Plus, most zoos have indoor spaces or pavilions that guests can explore and keep warm.

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9 Winter Date Ideas

couple holding hands in winter

Don’t let the cold weather stop date night. Try these fun winter date ideas to keep the romance warm.

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