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null Are you king of the road? Prove it! Ajusto challenge

Starting November 6 and for the next 14 days,1 Alexandre Tagliani, Dominic Arpin, Mélanie Maynard and Charles Lafortune will take part in the Ajusto Challenge. Their goal? To get the highest possible Ajusto score. Why? So they can be crowned King of the Road, of course!

And that's not all! By taking the challenge, our stars get the chance to make a donation to an organization of their choice. The higher their score, the more money their organization receives! There’s no better motivation than that!

Keep an eye on social media!

During the Ajusto Challenge, you can also follow our competitors on the Ajusto Facebook page and Twitter handle. They’ll share their driving experience with you and you can track their progress. Will the feedback from the app help them become better drivers? Will they improve their scores? Download the mobile app from the App Store or Google Play so you can take the Ajusto Challenge too! Do you think you’re a better driver than they are?

Make a difference!

Keep an eye on social media! With one click, you could help your favourite personality and the organization they support.

So, who will be named King of the Road? Mélanie Maynard, Dominic Arpin, Charles Lafortune or Alexandre Tagliani? It’s anyone’s guess!

Mélanie Maynard 
Cause: Fondation Marie-Ève Saulnier

Alexandre Tagliani
Cause:Food Allergy Canada

Dominic Arpin
Cause: Canadian Cancer Society

Charles Lafortune
Cause: Giant Steps

1 The Ajusto Challenge ends November 19 at 11:59 p.m.

Are you king of the road? Prove it! Ajusto challenge

4 Quebec personalities have agreed to take the Ajusto Challenge. Find out which ones!

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