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null Become an ace driver with the Ajusto app!

With blind-spot monitoring devices, rear-view cameras, collision warning systems, and lane departure warnings, technology is everywhere, including under your hood. But what this technology doesn’t do is give you feedback on the quality of your driving.

Let's be honest. Once you pass your driving test, opportunities are few and far between to sharpen your driving skills and correct your bad habits. But it’s something everyone should be doing, whether you’ve been driving for years or you’re new to the road. With the Ajusto app, you can use your smartphone to evaluate your own driving skills and make adjustments as needed.

Four ways to improve your driving habits

1. Take frequent breaks on long trips

Long road trips are a major risk factor for accidents. Frequent breaks are a great way to stay attentive and reduce fatigue. In the end, you come out ahead because you’ll be more alert—and you’ll get a better Ajusto score, too!

2. Drive more smoothly

The app gives you an idea of how sharply you accelerate, brake and turn corners when you drive. In addition to wearing out your car, these bad habits are dangerous for others sharing the road, like pedestrians. Do everyone a favour and ditch this habit—you’ll get a better score while you’re at it!

3. Follow the speed limit

Do we even need to explain this one? Crashing your car at 100 km/h has the same impact as falling from a 13-storey building. In addition, staying within the speed limit will greatly improve your Ajusto score.

4. Choose when you drive

Driving after dark means you have to constantly adjust your vision. Consequently, you start feeling tired and become less attentive to the road. Good vision is critical to safe driving. Your Ajusto score will increase the more you avoid driving at night.

Learn more

Available in the Desjardins Insurance Home-Auto app, Ajusto uses your smartphone's sensors to analyze your driving behaviour and habits to offer you a more personalized premium.

Signing up for the Ajusto program and download the app:

Become an ace driver with the Ajusto app!

What if you could use technology to become a better driver?

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