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null Car Gadgets: How does a Dash Cam Work?

With so many different types of dash cams available, it can be hard to identify, which one to purchase and how exactly it works. To help solve this car gadget dilemma, here’s what you need to know:

What is a dash cam?

A dash cam is a particular type of video camera that can mount on the dashboard of your vehicle to record footage while you drive. They can start to record as soon as you turn the ignition on. Dash cams have become quite beneficial to help resolve collision accidents and insurance claims.

How does a dash cam work?

A dash cam works by capturing video of what’s happening in front of your vehicle. It can be additional security feature for your car. For instance, if an accident happens while you are driving, the camera will have recorded the whole incident, which can provide key details about how the accident ensued. Dash cams can also be equipped with a microphone for audio recording. The microphone can always be disabled if you prefer to have just the visual settings.

Are dash cams easy to use?

Yes, dash cams are relatively easy to use. If you purchase one with more technological features, it might be more difficult depending on how tech savvy you are. Most are simple to install from clipping it to the rear-view mirror to suction cup mounts. As for the cable that connects to the dash cam, users can tuck the cable into the headliner at the top of the windshield.

What are the advantages of having a dash cam?

Besides, capturing car collisions, dash cams can be useful and a valuable investment in situations such as reviewing driving habits or coaching your teenagers on defensive driving, challenging a ticket, fraud prevention and catching unexpected occurrences. It can also be used to create memories of road trips and family drives. 

What types of dash cams are available?

There are several types and sizes of dash cams on the market. Some are more high-tech and include more detailed information with dates and times and GPS. Some dash cams are equipped with WiFi, which can allow users to send their videos to their smartphone and share entertaining videos online. To learn more about the different types of dash cams read our Dash Cams: Why You Should Consider Owing One post.

Having a dash camera can provide a peace of mind knowing there will be visual proof. Just be sure to not get distracted with the car gadget while driving. Adjust any dash cam settings before or after your commute. If you have any questions regarding dash cams and your auto insurance policy, contact one of our licensed insurance advisors.

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Dash camera in car interior

Thinking about buying a dash camera? The increasing reputation of dash cams has provided drivers with extra protection and peace of mind.

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