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null Choose a Colour: What are the Top Safe Car Colours?

Would you like a classic red convertible?  Or a sleek black SUV? All of these features are good to think about when buying a new car, but choosing a safe car colour might be something to consider as well.


According to a study at Monash University’s Accident Research Centre, and reported by The Globe and Mail, “no colour was statistically significantly safer than white although a number of other colours could not be distinguished from white statistically in terms of relative crash risk. The association between vehicle colour and crash risk was strongest during daylight hours where relative crash risks were higher for the colours listed compared to white by up to around 10 per cent.”

White cars are also beneficial to have in the summer because they can reflect heat. This will help you and your passengers to stay cool during those hot and humid days.


A bright yellow car is considered to be safe for its visibility. This is a big part of why most taxis are yellow for potential customers and drivers to see them. Being the owner of a yellow car may attract attention but if you are a person that thrives in the spotlight – this may be the car colour for you.

Not only is yellow a sunny colour, but it can improve our moods. The colour yellow is often associated with cheerfulness, optimism and upbeat feelings.


Similar to yellow, orange is considered a safe car colour for its visibility. It was also one of the trendiest car colours in 2018. Sports cars such as Lamborghinis and Corvettes have opted to include orange models to match the uprising trend.

Lime green

A lime green car is eye-popping and stands out amongst a crowd. Compared to a darker green colour, a lime green car will not blend into a forest background or a lush green environment as much. It also makes for an easier find in a shopping mall parking lot.

Colours that are not as visible like black, blue, grey, red and silver have been linked in the study to be unsafe car colours. Ultimately, the biggest safety feature with any car is the driver. Be aware of your surroundings when driving and drive defensively for any type of weather conditions or time of day.

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What features do you look for in a new car? Is it a roaring engine, adjustable cargo space, a superior sound system or the latest safety features? What about colour?

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