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null Décor on a Dime: a Budget-Friendly Decorating Guide

There’s no reason you can’t rejuvenating their home’s décor without the luxury of an extensive budget.

With a little effort, a little imagination, and a little money, you can update the style of any room in your home. Use these budget-friendly decorating ideas as your guide to home décor on a dime:

Use Lighting To Your Advantage

Refreshing your lighting is an inexpensive way to turn a dark, drab room into a bright, welcoming space. Swap out old lamps with modern new ones, update dingy lampshades with fresh white ones, and replace outdated light fixtures with sleek, modern ones – like these contemporary pendant lights from Home Depot.

Don’t Forget the Ceiling

They say that the ceiling is the “fifth wall” of your home. Take advantage of this often-overlooked wall by adding beams, giving it a new coat of paint in a fresh colour, or getting cozy with a draped ceiling. When it comes to sprucing up your fifth wall, the sky (or ceiling!) is the limit!

Update Old Furniture

Just like you updated your outdated lighting, you can give your old furniture a new lease on life with just a little bit of work. Simply by adding new hardware (like replacing broken hinges,) or giving worn-out furniture a fresh coat of paint, you can update your home’s décor on a dime.

Get Painting

What’s the most cost-effective, yet impactful way to make over a dull space? With a classic coat of fresh paint, of course! For an even more budget-friendly way of revamping your living space, paint just one accent wall in a vibrant, high-contrast colour. What’s more, you can use our step-by-step guide to get the job done like a pro.

Dress Up Your Window Dressings

To give the entire floor a makeover-on-a-budget, replace your worn-out, dated window dressings, and hang them from brand new curtain rods. For an even more cost-effective alternative, stylish shower curtains can be used in place of regular curtains in a pinch – simply make sure that they’re the right fit.

Try DIY Decals

In the past few years, wall decals have become a popular trend in home décor – but trying out this trend can cost a pretty penny. Instead, make your own DIY decal of sorts by arranging photographs on your walls. Don’t be afraid to get creative – this is your chance to express yourself through your décor, so let your imagination soar!

Get Fancy with Frames

Stylish picture frames can turn an ordinary side table into an attention-grabbing focal point of any room. Choose vibrant, contemporary, or whimsical picture frames to add style to any room. This White and Orange Horn and Bone Picture Frame, or this Distressed Madeline Scroll Frame from Bed, Bath and Beyond are the perfect eye-catching, yet inexpensive décor pieces.

Accentuate with Pillows

Take a dull sofa from bland to bold with colourful cushions. Choose bright, vibrant hues, floral patterns, or sophisticated fabrics to instantly energize a living or bedroom.

Add Some Greenery

There’s never a wrong time to add some greenery to your home! If your tabletops, countertops, or side tables are in desperate need of some life, add a pop of natural greenery and vibrancy by decorating them with a few potted plants or herbs in colourful pots and planters.

And Some Rose

For the cost of a fancy coffee, you can swap out the regular lightbulbs in your bedroom with pink tinted ones, giving it a rosy, romantic glow and turning your bedroom into your own private oasis.

Get Rustic

Add a rustic touch to any room in your home by hanging your very own framed flower or leaf art on the walls. All you need for this easy yet elegant décor project is some gathered leaves or flowers, some wax paper, heavy books, glue, cardstock, and a few small twigs. Follow our step-by-step guide, then hang your new creation up on the wall in any room in your home.

After you’ve properly dressed up your home’s décor, and are looking to delve into a handier project, try your hand at these three spring DIY ideas to spruce up your home even more.

Happy decorating!

Décor on a Dime: a Budget-Friendly Decorating Guide

If you’re looking to refresh your home décor, but don’t have a big budget to do so, don’t give up on your decorating dreams just yet!

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