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Does your spring cleaning include your vehicle?

You might have hibernated but it didn’t. You may not have had a chance to inspect your vehicle since you put your winter tires on. It’s too cold, you think. Maybe later in the spring. Well, the time has come.

Under the hood and body may be your mechanic’s territory, but you can easily take care of your vehicle’s interior and trunk yourself. Here are some tips:

1. Change your tires

It’s always a good idea to change your snow tires to summer tires once you know that the warm weather is back for good. Using winter tires in the spring and summer increases your braking distances and jeopardizes your safety.

2. Have your vehicle inspected by a professional

Why not have it inspected while the tires are being changed? It’ll be up on the lift anyway.

All garages have a visual check and inspection plan covering multiple points under the hood and vehicle:

  • Brakes, steering, suspension
  • Battery charge, headlights and position lights
  • Essential fluids like motor oil, transmission fluid and coolant

3. Give it a good clean

You need to do your part too. If you have no interest in looking under the hood or vehicle, it doesn’t take much to glance under the seats and carpets and in the trunk.

  • Put winter equipment away (shovels, cables, blankets, traction aids)
  • Give the carpets a thorough cleaning and vacuuming
  • Wash and wax the body
  • Clean the windows and plastic surfaces (to prevent discoloration and cracking)
  • Check the condition of the vehicle body (it’s easy to repair minor chips)

In conclusion

Ultimately, four reasons should motivate you to give your vehicle a little TLC in the spring: your safety, its reliability, your long-term savings and the environment.

Does your spring cleaning include your vehicle?

Your vehicle will have carried you through wind, snow, ice and copious amounts of salt.

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