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null Garden Projects for Small Spaces

A small apartment or condo balcony can hold a handful of garden projects and greenery. Check out our list of ideas and get those green thumbs ready!

Container Gardening

One of the simplest ways to help create a green oasis in your tiny space is to start container gardening. Not only can it make your balcony look stunning but it’s also a relatively low-maintenance gardening task. You can either use single large containers or a group of smaller container plants to help add pops of colour to your home. Just make sure you are aware of the sun conditions on your balcony. For instance, if your balcony faces north, you most likely won’t get as much direct sunlight as you would facing south.

Vegetable Garden

Grow your food with your own vegetable garden! This project can be done by gardeners of all levels. Fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots, strawberries and lettuce tend to favour balconies with more sunlight while terraces that get less sunlight can plant herbs such as parsley, rosemary and basil. Just make sure your vegetable garden gets plenty of moisture and is watered at least once a day. If you purchased seeds from a local garden centre, you can follow the instructions on the packaging for how to best plant them.

Plant Display Stand

Whether you buy it or take the DIY route, a practical plant display stand can work wonders in your patio space. They can take the shape of a tower or a table and come in a variety of sizes. A smaller size stand can be a good fit for an apartment or condo balcony to store plenty of plants. If you decide to make your own, there are many style inspirations available online.

Go Vertical

A vertical garden for your balcony is creative and a smart way to maximize use of space. This garden trend can not only be an outdoor focal point but also act as a barrier against hot temperatures, absorbing most of the heat that shines on your property. It can also help improve the air quality around you. When purchasing a vertical planter or going DIY, make sure your structure is strong enough to hold the certain amount of plants you want.

Hanging Baskets

Similar to having a vertical planter, hanging baskets of flowers can be a terrific way to maximize space and be a stunning addition to your balcony oasis. A wide range of plants and flowers can grow in hanging baskets such as nasturtiums, petunias, geraniums and spider plants. Some hanging plants have been known to attract butterflies, so you may catch a glimpse of a pollinator.

While having a balcony garden can provide ambience and relaxation, make sure you read your apartment or condo bylaws carefully to see if there are any possible restrictions and rules to what can be placed on the balcony.

Happy Gardening!

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Garden Projects for Small Spaces

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You can still have a beautiful summer garden, no matter the amount of square footage. It just means more planning and adjusting of space might have to occur.

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