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null Good old-fashioned fun on the road

They played good old-fashioned road trip games! Here are a few games that’ll keep young and old alike amused while you’re in the car.

Yes or no

It’s easy! When other passengers ask you a question, you have to answer without saying Yes or No. Want to make the game a little more challenging? Try adding other words, like Maybe, Never and Of course, to the list of taboo words! This classic game is sure to give lots of laughs (and maybe even a little frustration)!

Licence plates

For this game, you have to make up a saying using the letters in a licence plate. For BWHD, you could say Billy Walked His Dog. Warning: This game can be addictive!

Yellow car

Fun and easy! All you need to do is “punch” the person beside you when you see a yellow car. Only one “punch” for each yellow car you see! Keep your eyes peeled if you don’t want to end up with a sore arm (or bruises if you’re playing with people who really take the game seriously!). We don’t recommend playing this game in New York… Note to parents: If you don’t want to tell your kids about this game, we’ll understand!

Word games

Word games are the best—you don’t need anything but your brain and there are lots to choose from! Try the Packing my suitcase game where each person repeats everything that’s already been packed in the suitcase and then adds an item. You could also choose a syllable and then each passenger has to say a word that starts with the same syllable. If you get stumped, you’re out! Another option is to choose a topic and then take turns coming up with something that’s in line with the theme you’ve selected (e.g., Minions for movies that start with the letter M).

Silent game

Kids starting to get a little noisy and fidgety? We’ve got the perfect game to give your ears a little break! Play the Silent game—everyone has to be quiet. The first person to say something is out! This game usually only lasts a couple minutes… so enjoy the peace and quiet while you can!

In conclusion

The possibilities for making the time go by faster on a road trip are endless—just use your imagination and have lots of fun!
Have a safe drive and enjoy your trip!

Good old-fashioned fun on the road

Ever wonder what people did to pass the time during long car rides before tech gadgets were invented?

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