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null Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Whether your pet is joining the crew for trick-or-treating adventures or relaxing on the couch for a scary movie marathon, they can still be included in the Halloween festivities. Although with all the excitement, noises and costumes, it can be over-whelming and frightening for your pets. Help keep them content and stress-free with these Halloween safety tips for pets.

Comfort and Coziness

With the doorbell being constantly rung and loud raucous being heard in the neighbourhood, all these noises can cause anxiety and stress for your furry friends. Create a safe and comforting space for your pets in a separate room where they can retreat to. Place their favourite toys, blankets, treats and water by their side to ease their worries.

Remember, a dog’s instinct is to guard their territory. If they are in a separate room and the doorbell still bothers them, consider limiting how much time you hand out candy or if any other family members are home, see if they can comfort your pet or take them for a walk around the block to help ease their stress.

Walking Safety

If your pup is joining in on the trick-or-treating fun, make sure they are kept on a short leash and are visible during Halloween night. Have your dog wear a reflective leash or place a reflective light on their collar. If you own any reflective apparel for your dog during evening walks, be sure to have them wear it. Have Fido wear their current pet ID tags with their name and owner contact information and check to see that their microchip is up to date. There is always the possibility they could get spooked on Halloween and run off at the sight of scary and boisterous children in costumes and masks.

Costume Cuteness

Pet costumes can be extremely cute and entertaining. While some pets might not mind it, others may feel uncomfortable and unhappy. If you notice your pet has difficulty walking in their costume or is showing signs of stress and dislike, you may need to either adjust the costume or take it off completely. Some costumes may also be dangerous for pets if they contain chewable parts and objects, if they limit visibility and breathing. Pet owners can always substitute a costume for a festive Halloween bow tie or bandana.

Outdoor Cats

If you have an outdoor cat, consider keeping them inside on Halloween night to avoid the possibility of running away. Just like dogs, cats may become spooked from the costumes, masks and Halloween hype. While your cat may not enjoy being cooped up indoors, it’s important to know that they’re safe.

Bewitching Décor

Halloween décor can be boo-tiful but can potentially be hazardous to pets. Instead of placing a candle inside your creatively carved pumpkin, try using a flashlight or battery-operated flame in case your pet excitedly knocks down the pumpkin or tries to peek inside it. If any décor uses electrical wiring, hide it under the carpet or against a wall to prevent a pet from chewing it or becoming tangled. Place fake cobwebs and spiders in an area where your pet can’t reach them.

Decadent Candy and Chocolate

Our four-legged friends can’t enjoy candy and chocolate like we can. Chocolate can especially be toxic to dogs. Keep Halloween candy and chocolate in hard to reach areas of your home and explain to your kids that they can’t share their Halloween haul with their furry friends. If you suspect that your pet has ingested candy or chocolate, monitor them closely for diarrhea, vomiting, pacing, refusing food, fatigue and tremors. Contact a local veterinarian as soon as possible.

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Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

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Spooky season is upon us and what better way to celebrate with friends and family-including your pets!

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