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null Halloween Safety Tips: How to Drive Cautiously in Residential Areas

Whomever they decide to dress up as, trick-or-treaters tend to forget about safety when it comes to the excitement of getting candy and visiting haunted houses. If you know you’ll be driving during the hours of 6-9 p.m., read these Halloween safety tips for driving in residential areas.

Watch for pedestrians

Plenty of trick-or-treaters and adults alike will be roaming the streets. Most parents who accompany their children do tend to exercise caution and make sure their young ones are being safe. That being said, trick-or-treaters can get caught up in Halloween joy and dart across roads without looking. Some trick-or-treaters might even be wearing dark-coloured costumes and masks, which makes spotting them at night more difficult. To avoid this, ghouls and goblins can wear reflective tape or glow sticks around their neck. Drivers should turn on their headlights to spot children from far distances.

Slow down

Along with watching for pedestrians, drivers can also watch their speed in residential areas and obey all signs and signals. This is essential in case a trick-or-treater does dash in front of your vehicle and you need to break quickly. Put your defensive driving habits to good use on Halloween night.

Pull into driveways carefully

Trick-or-treaters have also been known to run across driveways to get to the house next door as quickly as possible. It’s best to enter and exit any driveways extra vigilantly. Keep aware of your surroundings. Around this time of year, there is less daylight and visibility for both drivers and pedestrians.

Distracted driving

Distracted driving is dangerous, no matter what night of the year it is. Avoid using your mobile device as they have been linked to more vehicle collisions and death than impaired driving. Keep your hands and eyes on the steering wheel and at all the trick-or-treaters around you.

Accompanying the trick-or-treaters

Some parents drive their children to residential areas to trick-or-treat. If this will be your duty for the night, be sure to communicate clearly with other drivers and pedestrians by using turning signals and hazard lights to let them know you will be pulling over to drop off or pick up the little monsters.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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Halloween Safety Tips: How to Drive Cautiously in Residential Areas

kids trick-or-treating

It’s the one night of the year where superheroes, princesses, witches and werewolves gather in your neighbourhood.

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