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null How to Create your Own Homemade Haunted House

Here are some ideas to create a family-friendly haunted house and impress the trick-or-treaters.


First decide whether you’d like to decorate just the outside of the house or have trick-or-treaters enter the house of horrors. Then, check the forecast for Halloween night. The month of October can consist of rainy nights to frigid temperatures to even snow! Once you’ve decided where the haunting will take place, it’s time for the ghoulish decorating.


Halloween night wouldn’t be complete without costumes. Now, is your chance to re-wear an old costume or make your own. There are plenty of simple and creative costumes, which can be made right at home. With a costume, you can get into character and make up a spooky story about how you’re connected to the haunted house.

Along with costumes, have family members and friends be a part of the haunted house experience as tour guides, surprise pop-ups or servers. Chances are trick-or-treaters will be in groups and you’ll need assistance with entertaining the little ghouls and goblins.


Start decorating the front of your home (keep in mind the weather) as that will determine whether children want to trick-or-treat at your house. To trick out your home, cover your doorway in cobwebs (black yarn) and plastic spiders and have a Halloween spotlight, black lights or strobe lights placed outside the house. Spray paint some fake potted plants black, to make them look dead and eerie.  Near the door of your house or inside your home, create your own spooky fog. This can be done by adding some dry ice into a bucket of water and placing a tiny fan nearby.

To add a touch of history to your haunted house, you can print black and white photos from history textbooks or online. Put the photos in frames and place them around the house. Bonus points: if you can dress up as one of the people in the photographs.


Whether you download the latest haunted house playlist or record some scary sounds such as cackling and kids screaming. Your haunted house needs sound effects. Sound will set the mood and make the haunted house experience more memorable.

Delicious treats

Along with candy, your haunted house could include a buffet table filled with an array of Halloween snacks such as mummy hot dogs, double-decker coffin sandwiches and melted witch bark. For an extra scary effect, you can serve the snacks from split-open plastic skulls, cauldrons or have a server hand them out with an eerie tale.

Happy Decorating!

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How to Create your Own Homemade Haunted House

spooky Halloween chalkboard surrounded with pumpkins

Want to have the spookiest house on the street? Why not, create a homemade haunted house! It’s a fun way for the whole family to get into the Halloween spirit.

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