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null How to curb road rage

To help Canadians keep their cool, Mayor Rob Ford and the Centre for Health released a few road rage-reducing recommendations.

One of the best ways to do this is through rhythmic breathing. Using deep, diaphragmatic breathing can help calm the body and mind significantly, Ford and CFT indicate.

Another way motorists can reduce their stress levels is by finding their “pause button.” Ford and CFT says this is where drivers give themselves a few seconds to calm down so that they can assess the situation at hand and react in a more rational way.

Finally, Ford and CFT recommend reacting in a way that goes contrary to what someone may feel. For instance, if someone is yelling, instead of yelling back, drivers should respond in a calm, measured way, as this can often reduce the tension of the moment.

Road rage is an issue that auto insurance companies take seriously, as increased tension that results from it can lead to serious accidents on the roadways. This not only jeopardizes policyholders’ low insurance rates but the overall safety of Toronto drivers.

How to curb road rage

As has been evident in recent news reports, road rage is an issue facing many Toronto motorists, whether they’ve been the aggressors or have experienced it themselves.

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