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null How to Use a Clothes Steamer

Learn more about the benefits of owning a steamer and how to use it in your daily life.


One of the main reasons to have a steamer is to get rid of wrinkles on your clothes. It’s a quicker alternative to ironing and takes up less space than an ironing board. Clothes can be steamed wherever you can hang them. Along with having a clothes steamer at home, you can also purchase handheld steamers that you can take with you when travelling.

When using a steamer, allow it to heat completely. Next, make sure your clothes are hanging up from a pole, hook or curtain rod so you can steam them vertically. Lightly run the steamer downwards along the fabric and press the steam button every so often. When using the steamer, be careful of not letting the steam get too close to your hands. The steamer can cause burns to the skin if not used responsibly. Keep children and pets away from the steamer when it’s on and being used. After you have finished steaming, you may notice your garment is damp and has some water marks on it. Let it air dry before wearing it or putting it away in the closet.


A clothes steamer can be used to sanitize your kitchen and bathroom countertops. The hot steam can be used to kill remaining germs and bacteria. It’s an eco-friendly way to clean your home.

Car Interior

Bring your handheld steamer to the car and use it on the upholstery, floor mats and hard-to-reach areas. It can help get rid of stains more effectively and make cleaning your car an easier task.


Similar to a carpet steamer, a clothes steamer can be used to treat small carpet stains. Spraying the stain with a clothes steamer can help make it easier to remove. The Spruce recommends holding the steamer at least six inches away from the stain and letting it work for 30 seconds. Then, blot the area with a clean towel and repeat as needed.


Use a clothes steamer on the curtains in your living room and in the shower. It can help get rid of wrinkles and prevent mould and mildew buildup, especially on the shower curtains. You can also use it on glass shower doors and tiled bathroom floors to remove dirt and grime.

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How to Use a Clothes Steamer

clothes hanging from wooden hangers

Want to keep your clothes free of wrinkles? A clothes steamer can be a practical solution for that. Not only can it remove wrinkles, but it can also eliminate unpleasant odours and kill bacteria and germs.

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