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null How to Wax and Polish your Car at Home

Frequent car washing can help get rid of unwanted dirt and grime and keep your ride sparkling. Along with washing your car at home, you can wax and polish your car as well giving it extra protection with these guidelines.


Polishing your car can help keep the paint looking fresh and brand new, similar to how we use lotion on our skin. It’s an additional cleaning step you can take in between washing and waxing your vehicle.

After washing your car thoroughly, use a car clay bar to keep your car’s exterior smooth. If you don’t have one, you can purchase it at your local hardware store. Once your car feels smooth enough, add polisher to a clean rag. If you have a dual-action polisher you can use this machine to help get the job done faster.

If polishing by hand, be sure to use small amounts of polisher each time and rub the rag over your car in circular motions. Apply extra pressure on any scratches or marks that may be on your car. When polishing your car, you will want to finish working on an area before moving onto another, so the polish does not have the opportunity to dry on your car’s finish. Continue to rub the cloth in circular motions until you notice the polish is completely gone.


Waxing your vehicle can help protect it from harmful ultraviolet rays, road debris and to help prevent the paint from fading. Make sure you don’t plan to wax your car in direct sunlight.

Similar to polishing, you can either wax your car by hand or by using a buffer. If you are going to wax by hand, use a liquid wax to apply small amounts of wax onto a foam applicator pad and clean it by area. Clean using up and down motions rather than circular and provide light pressure to glide and smooth the wax out. When the wax is dry, you can use a soft microfiber towel to buff and remove the residue. It’s generally a good idea to wax your car every two to four months to preserve the finish and protect your car from strict elements.

Knowing how to wax and polish your car by hand is not only a useful skill to know, but it can also help you save money. Along with protecting your car’s exterior, review your insurance policy to make sure you have auto coverage you can count on.

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How to Wax and Polish your Car at Home

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Car maintenance is about taking care of your car and making sure all of its components are working efficiently. This includes managing your car’s appearance.

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