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null Meet the New Neighbours: 7 Ways to Say a Warm Welcome

Getting along with our neighbours makes our lives that much better. Plus, moving is stressful and can be a hectic time in any homeowner's life. That's why it's a nice gesture to extend a warm welcome to your new neighbours, not only to help ease their stress in this busy time, but also to help welcome them to the neighbourhood.

Here are seven great ideas for giving a warm welcome to your new neighbours:

1. Introduce Yourself

The first step to welcome your new neighbours is to introduce yourself. Give your neighbours a day or two to move in and get more settled, then bring your family along to introduce yourselves.

Not sure how to start the conversation? Ask them what brought them to the neighbourhood where they're moving from, and if they have children or pets.

2. Offer to Help Move

If there's one thing that almost all new homeowner's need, it's help with moving their belongings into their new home.

If you're physically able to, offer to help your new neighbours move. Even better, get a group of neighbours together to offer help with unloading, moving, and unpacking – your new neighbours will surely be grateful for the kind gesture!

If, for health or other reasons, you or other neighbours can't help with moving, you can order a nice, hot meal for your new neighbours instead. 

3. Gift Them Baked Goods

This neighbourly gesture is classic for a reason!

There's nothing quite as comforting as a basket of freshly baked cookies, muffins, or other sweets. Whether you baked them yourself, or bought them at the store or bakery, this show of kindness is a sweet way to say "welcome" to your new neighbours.

You can even add a little note or card, and your contact information. Just remember to list all potential allergens in your baked goods in case anyone in your new neighbours' family is allergic.

4. Provide Neigbourhood Information

Once your neighbours have finished moving in, they'll probably want to learn as much about their new neighbourhood as possible. Give them a hand by providing neighbourhood information – this could include anything from local parks, trails, restaurants and grocery stores, to information on schools in the area, fire department location and more.

If your new neighbours have children, they'll most likely be concerned about schools in the area and sports and recreational activities. Provide them with information on elementary and high schools in and around the neighbourhood, and share your knowledge on recreational activities, camps and programs, a well as pediatricians and babysitters.

5. Create a "Neighbour Care Package"

Besides tasty treats, a neighbor care package shows exactly that – you care about your new neighbours!

Your package could include a local specialty food, a bottle of wine for relaxing, candles and other home fragrance gifts, olive oil, artisan salt, fresh bread, and more. Don't be afraid to get creative! Think about what you would appreciate after the hustle and bustle of moving houses and go from there. Whether you stick with a kitchen theme, a spa theme or a bit of everything, the kind gesture won't go unappreciated by your new neighbours.

6. Throw a Block Party

If you're the party-planning type, why not put your skills to use by throwing a block party to help welcome your new neighbours to the whole neighbourhood?

By organizing the event yourself, you're taking the pressure off your newly moved neighbours – everyone needs time to settle in before inviting people into their new home. You can invite the neighbourhood, including the kids, so your new neighbours can get the chance to meet everyone at once, in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

7. Be Friendly–But Not Intrusive

While extending a warm welcome is a kind gesture, you'll want to strike the right balance, and be friendly and welcoming–without being intrusive.

After introducing yourself and gifting any care packages or sweet treats, give your new neighbours time to settle in and adjust. There's a fine line between friendly and intrusive, and you'll want to respect your neighbours' privacy and give them time to settle in.

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Meet the New Neighbours: 7 Ways to Say a Warm Welcome

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When your neighbour’s “For Sale” sign is suddenly replaced by a “Sold” sign, it can only mean one thing – new neighbours!

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