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null Organization Hacks: 5 Change of Season Closet Tips

Say farewell to your winter jacket, boots and heavy sweaters and say hello to light jackets, ankle boots and all things floral. Though before going spring fashion shopping, it’s a good idea to spring clean the closet during this change of season. Here are a five ideas on how to transition your closet from winter to spring.

1. Donate or sell

Before putting away any winter clothes, make sure to thoroughly look over them. There’s a chance you may find a few items you didn’t wear at all this winter. If this is the case, you can donate or sell any unwanted clothes. It can be tough to toss certain items especially if they are associated with a certain memory or came with a higher price tag. Decluttering your closet is a difficult task, but can be very rewarding and fulfilling. Passing along items which brought joy to you will bring joy to another deserving recipient.

2. Backwards hangers

When organizing your closet, especially for a change of season, try the backwards hanger trick. This handy hack will provide a visual and determine what clothes you wear the most and which ones you don’t. Just as the name suggests, turn every hanger in your closet backwards. Turn the hangers back to their correct position when you wear the item. Over a few weeks, you can develop a good sense of what clothes you should keep. This is quite helpful for when it’s a change of season and you need to figure out which transition pieces like statement jackets, oxford button-down shirts and lightweight layers.

3. Accessorize accordingly

It can be helpful to categorize accessories by season or colour.  For instance, group all scarfs together in an over-the-door shoe organizer, organize your purses into cubbies and store your shoes in a shoe rack or tier shelf. Put spring and summer shoes together and fall and winter shoes together. This can make deciding what to wear much easier and less frustrating.

4. Take care of winter clothing

Before storing any winter clothes away, make sure to wash or dry clean them. Washing your winter clothes is not only hygienic, but it also helps to prevent insects from getting inside bulky and knit sweaters. If any winter clothing can’t fit in your closet, consider storing them in an unused suitcase or plastic storage containers. Although if you decide to use a plastic storage container make sure it is clean with no cracks and stains. Many plastic storage containers can slide under your bed for safekeeping.

5. Strategize

Keep your bedroom closet from looking disastrous by strategizing where you place clothes. Your most-used items should be placed at eye level. Clothes you sometimes wear during the week should be placed below or off to the side and the least used items can be placed on any high shelves. At this time of year, layering clothes is a good idea for fluctuating spring temperatures. Any cardigans, button-down shirts or t-shirts you would like to use for layering, should be found at moment’s notice in your closet.

With the changing of seasons, clothing items and accessories can get lost or damaged in transition. An organized closet can help prevent misplaced items, provide a clear sense of mind and save time and money.

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It’s wardrobe transition time!

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