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null Organization Hacks: How to Store Winter Gear

It’s still winter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start spring cleaning a little early. Winter gear often requires extra storage space. We’ve got some organization hacks to help you store winter clothing.

Hats, gloves, mittens and scarves

These winter accessories are the easiest to store away. During the cold months, you may already have a designated spot for them such as baskets or bins in the front entryway. Come spring, you simply move the winter accessory station into a closet or the basement (with the items still in the baskets or bins). Make sure all hats are together, gloves and mittens are all accounted for and scarfs are folded nicely.  Clear hanging shoe organizers can also be repurposed to store hats, gloves, mittens and scarves. This will let you know if you have any mismatched gloves or are missing an item.


Before putting winter boots away, be sure to clean them to get rid of any remaining salt stains. Tall boots tend to fall over and not retain their shape. To keep them upright, you can stuff them with used magazines and place them in the basement or mudroom in a box or place them diagonally in a storage container. Any additional boots can also be stored in a container or a shoe rack.


If you are feeling extra ambitious, you can install a pull-out storage area under the stairs. This would be terrific for all kinds of boots and shoes.


Winter jackets tend to take up space especially, if every member of your family has them. Assign designated areas for them in the winter months and non-winter months, such as the coat closet in the front hall or the coat closet in the basement. The key is to always put the jackets in the same spots year after year.

If you have any cashmere or wool coats, they tend to require more care. They should be placed on wooden or velvet hangers in a storage bag. Heavy and puffy winter jackets can be placed in vacuum-packed plastic bags. Don’t forget to wash all winter jackets as they are exposed to cold and flu season germs, oils and fluids. Be sure to empty out the pockets before and after cleaning.

Winter sports equipment

As Canadians we enjoy our winter sports, but our winter sports equipment can take up plenty of room. Most families store their toboggans, hockey sticks and skis in their garage, which is an ideal place for them. To stay organized, buy or build your own storage rack or sports cabinet to place any ski, snowboard and toboggans or store them in the overhead of the garage. If you have a pair of snowshoes, which need to be hung, place hooks on the garage wall with just enough space in between them.

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Organization Hacks: How to Store Winter Gear

Do you always find mismatched gloves? What about your child’s winter jacket constantly on the floor?

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