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null Organization Hacks: Keep a Clutter-Free Home

Start Off Simple

Thinking about decluttering your whole home all at once can feel daunting. Instead, take baby steps. Start by decluttering an area or surface in your home for at least five or ten minutes a day. This can be done during a commercial break or when you are waiting for the microwave to beep. Clean a surface or area and then continue in that same spot tomorrow and the next day. Decluttering is more of a marathon than a sprint.

Assemble Decluttering Tools

When decluttering your home, have a designated bin or box for different categories: trash, recycle, keep and donate. This will help with visualizing your decluttering journey and help keep things organized. You can choose to carry these items from room to room or keep them in a designated zone.

Make it Fun

You can help to make cleaning feel less like a chore by making it fun. Whether it’s creating a cleaning playlist, binge-watching a show, listening to a podcast or audiobook, make the process easier on yourself and more enjoyable. Charge your wireless earbuds ahead of time and get ready to feel motivated.

Declutter Room by Room

When decluttering try to avoid biting more than you can chew. Use the room by room and floor by floor strategy. For instance, you can start organizing in the front hallway and foyer area and make your way through the main floor or you can tackle your bedroom first. Either way, try not to jump from one room to another. Concentrate on a task at a time.

Be Inspired

Help yourself get motivated by looking at organized home pictures online and in magazines. When you start to imagine what your home could look like if you declutter every so often, it can become easier to tidy up. You can also visit furniture stores or other people’s homes to see what storage and organization hacks they use to avoid clutter.

Support Network

It can be challenging to keep your living space in tip-top shape. Surround yourself with positive people in your life who can help cheer you on. Keep your loved ones updated with your decluttering process and get their support. They may even become encouraged by your organization and decide they need to jump aboard the decluttering express.

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Organization Hacks: Keep a Clutter-Free Home

organized room with plants

Clutter can be a nuisance. It builds up quickly and takes up plenty of space. Not to fear, these handy organization hacks will help keep the rooms in your home tidy and clear.

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