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null Snowmobile Storage Tips

While you’re enjoying the last few rides, start thinking about how you are going to store your snowmobile for the off-season and follow these snowmobile storage tips.

Clean the Snowmobile

To properly maintain your snowmobile, it’s essential to wash it thoroughly before storing it for springtime. Remaining dirt, debris and salt on the snowmobile can cause corrosion and become more difficult to clean over time. Use warm water and soap to clean it, washing it section by section. Apply wax afterwards to preserve the paint.

Manage the Fuel Systems

Use a fuel stabilizer to help lubricate and keep your snowmobile in pristine condition. According to SnowGoer, fuel stabilizers reduce the evaporation of solvents that make gas volatile. Though, be sure to follow directions on the container carefully to determine how much stabilizer should be used. After pouring the stabilizer in the fuel tank, run the engine for three to five minutes to let the fuel move through the system. You can also refer to your owner’s manual to check the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Fog the Engine

To avoid engine failure, it’s important to fog the engine. A thin coating of oil can help add lubricant to your engine and help prevent corrosion. Follow the guidelines stated in your owner’s manual to make sure you are fogging the engine properly for the specific snowmobile you have.

Remove Parts

Before storing your snowmobile for the season, you can remove some parts such as the drive belt, the seat and the battery. Make sure the battery is stored in a cool and dry area away from sunlight. Charge it every couple of months to prevent it from losing its charge. Consider checking the condition of the air filter and see if it needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Cover it Up

To help protect your snowmobile while it’s in storage, block any openings such as the exhaust, intake and cooling intake. This can prevent critters from making homes in them. Use a breathable cover to place over your snowmobile when it’s in storage. Keep your snowmobile in a dry area and off the ground. Elevate the rear end by having a jack stand under the bumper and unhooking the springs to relieve tension. The chassis can be placed on wooden boxes, milk crates or another sturdy support system.

While your snowmobile is stored safely away for the warmer months, make sure it’s safe to use when the temperatures drop again. Talk to a licensed insurance advisor to make sure you have proper snowmobile coverage.

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Snowmobile Storage Tips

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Warm weather is just around the corner, which means snowmobile season is ending.

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