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null Student Drivers: Should Millennials Learn How to Drive Stick Shift?

Even the amount of cars with manual transmission has declined rapidly in Canada. The stick shift is becoming more and more obsolete. Though, there are some valid reasons to support why millennials should learn how to drive stick shift.


Driving a vehicle with a manual transmission will allow you to have more control, which means more power and improved acceleration. To have more control over your vehicle is especially important in emergency situations such as hydroplaning. When this happens, the driver can downshift to increase the engine’s output to correct any unwanted steering movements.

Fuel economy

A big difference between manual and automatic transmission vehicles is their fuel economy level.  A manual vehicle involves less revving and does not use as much gas. Most vehicles with automatic transmissions do tend to require more gas to operate at the same level as a manual transmission vehicle. This may be good for student drivers who would like a car of their own soon and want to save their money on gas.


Along with saving money on gas, millennials who learn to drive stick shift can purchase a car with manual transmission, which might save them more money in the long run. When it comes to cost, manual transmission vehicles are more affordable than automatics, with potential savings ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Manual vehicles also cost less to maintain and repair, whereas automatic vehicles have more technological components to them which can possibly be more costly. Manual transmission vehicles have been known to last longer because there aren’t as many components as automatics. If something does need to be repaired in a manual car, it is most likely the clutch.

Hand-eye coordination

Learning how to drive stick shift can improve hand-eye coordination skills. This is because using the clutch and throttle to make your gears change can require plenty of attention and movement. With driving a stick shift, millennials will use their feet, hands and eyes more, which can overall help strengthen hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Distracted driving

When driving stick, you usually do not have a free hand available to eat or use a smartphone.  This makes the temptation to check your phone or send a text seem impossible as you are already multitasking with manual transmission. Not being a distracted driver will help keep you and other drivers safe on the road.

Driving a stick shift may not be as popular as it used to be, but it could be a good idea for millennials and even adult drivers to learn how to use it. Take some time to research online to find driving schools in Canada with cars that have manual transmission or ask a trusted family member or friend who has a manual transmission car if they could help teach you.

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Student Drivers: Should Millennials Learn How to Drive Stick Shift?

Driving stick shift is not as common as it used to be. The majority of millennials have not learned to drive stick, as their parents own automatic vehicles instead of manual transmission cars.

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