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null Summer Motorcycle Riding: What to Wear

Though, it’s also a time of humid weather and scorching heat. To help you stay cool and look cool on your bike, here are a few ideas of what to wear while summer motorcycle riding.

Vented helmet

A motorcycle helmet with a venting system can make a noticeable difference on your ride in the summer. A vented helmet can provide cool air flow, helping to prevent you from getting too hot. Keep in mind - when you wear a vented helmet you might hear more noise, especially on highways. Choosing a light coloured helmet can also add to the coolness factor.

Mesh gloves

There are various options when it comes to motorcycle gloves. During the summer months, a lightweight and mesh pair is more recommended as it can evaporate more sweat, preventing sweaty palms. Fingerless gloves are another option as they can keep your fingers cool and allow you to easily wipe off any sweat from your body. Be sure to choose a pair of fingerless gloves that can offer you protection and flexibility.

Moisture-wicking t-shirt

If you wear a moisture-wicking t-shirt underneath your motorcycle jacket, it can help battle sweat by absorbing any wetness on humid days. Additionally, these shirts can also help protect you from harmful ultraviolet radiation. Just make sure the gear you decide to wear on top of the shirt will provide enough air flow for the moisture-wicking t-shirt to do its job.

Cooling vest

A cooling vest is just how it sounds. It will help cool your body down in oppressive heat. It does this by being soaked in water and being worn underneath vented motorcycle gear to draw heat and sweat off your body. The vest can create a genuine cooling sensation that will allow you to ride comfortably.

Skip the leather jacket

Although leather jackets are a staple of motorcycle riding, they are not the most comfortable jackets to be wearing during humid weather. Leather jackets are more suitable for spring and fall seasons. For summer motorcycle riding, a mesh or vented jacket can provide cool air circulation and still be considered protective gear. The material will also be more lightweight and breathable providing more ease.

Mesh motorcycle pants

Vented and mesh motorcycle pants offer a more practical and comfortable summer riding alternative. They are built to withstand hot temperatures with mesh panels for air ventilation and include more protective padding than jeans.

Vented motorcycle boots

Generally, boots are associated with fall and winter but for motorcycle riders they can be worn during all seasons. For summer, choose a pair of vented motorcycle boots to keep your feet dry and protected. Pair them with moisture-wicking socks for extra ventilation.

Don’t let the heat keep you from your motorcycle adventure! Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and try to get an early morning start to your journey.

Be safe and happy riding!

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Summer Motorcycle Riding: What to Wear

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Summer is an ideal time for Canadian motorists to heed the call of the open road.

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