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null The Benefits of Having an RV

More than a million Canadians have followed the call of the open road with an RV. Almost 70 percent are owned by people under 55 and 40 percent travel with children.

Some owners travel south for the winter with their very own ‘home on wheels’. Others store their RVs over the winter and pull them out for the summer to explore our great country with their families.

There are many excellent benefits to owning an RV. Here are a few of the best ones, but if you’re an RV owner, no doubt you can add several more to this list:

Travel with your home

Even though traveling is fun, aren’t there days when you just want to sleep in your own bed? Or how about those mealtimes when you’re tired of restaurant food, and you crave a home-cooked meal? When you travel with an RV, you can curl up under the quilt you love, and make meals just the way you like them. And you don’t need to pack and unpack at every hotel.

Enjoy complete freedom

Traveling in an RV gives you flexibility and freedom. You can stop and take in the country’s vast beauty when it suits you. Best of all, you are not tied to anyone else’s bus schedule or designated eating times, which can be challenging if you’re traveling with children.

Stretch your vacation dollar

Many people think that driving an RV is very expensive. But a July 2014 Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) study showed that RV traveling can save you up to 60 percent when compared to traditional vacations. Considering that you save on the cost of hotel rooms, restaurant meals, airline fees and rental cars, an RV is a pretty attractive and affordable option.

An RV really is your home away from home. It’s designed for ease, comfort and relaxation. If you’ve been thinking that it’s time to own an RV, chances are you won’t look back.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on July 19, 2012 and has been updated for relevancy and accuracy.

The Benefits of Having an RV

More and more Canadians are discovering the benefits of travelling with a recreational vehicle or an RV.

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