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null The best applications for the road!

You may use it as a camera, clock, road map or even as a dictionary (to validate your point during a discussion with a passenger). But you can also download useful apps to your phone, including some that could save your life (especially if you’re hopeless with directions). Below are a number of useful free apps for motorists.

Apps that can get you out of a jam


Without doubt one of today’s hottest apps, Waze is a community-based traffic and navigation app. Drivers provide information on what’s happening on the road (traffic, road conditions, etc.), making travel easier for everyone.


The weather obviously has the power to change (or ruin) your plans. Stay informed about conditions with the Météomédia app!

Apps for finding places and saving money

Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy can find the service station selling gas at the lowest price in your area, regardless of whether you’re in Canada or the United States. It’s great for saving on fuel costs on road trips or daily commutes.


Not only can Yelp help you find the best place to eat or shop, it also offers millions of comments and ratings on these establishments. Find out where to go and most importantly, where not to go!

WiFi Finder

Is your cellphone plan extremely limited? No problem. WiFi Finder provides free information on free wireless networks near you. This app lists over 600,000 hotspots in over 140 countries!

Apps for improving your driving


Become a driving pro with the Ajusto app! Analyze various aspects of your driving, such as fast acceleration, hard braking, hard cornering, speed, travel time and distance travelled. Your safe driving could save you money! 

The best applications for the road!

Your smartphone is probably a key part of your everyday life.

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