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null The best gift for the driver on your list

If so, there’s a good chance you’ll be seeing a car-related gift under the tree this year. Some gadgets fall into the “must-have” category; others are more for indulging a whim. Here’s our list of five car accessories sure to please anyone who enjoys spending time in the driver’s seat.

Pocket jump starter

With so many mobile devices duking it out in the marketplace, battery technology has come a long way. Believe it or not, you can now jump start your vehicle with a device no bigger than a smart phone. Speaking of which, a pocket jump will also charge your phone. Talk about two birds with one stone! Portable jump starters range in price from $60 to $250, depending on their size and capacity.


This mini safe that installs right in your vehicle’s trailer hitch is one cleverly designed gadget. Use it to stash keys, money, credit cards, jewelry, and other valuables somewhere thieves will never think to look. And rest easy: because trailer hitches are designed to tow several thousand pounds, they’re made of materials so tough they are virtually impossible to cut through. At around $100, it’s the perfect gift for someone who has a habit of locking their keys in the car.


Do you have a relative who dreams of racing around in a sports car—but actually spends his days behind the wheel of a mini-van? No worries: this fun engine noise simulator plugs into your car’s CD adaptor, fills the car with the music of a powerful V-8, and even revs up when you accelerate. It’s a great way to live the dream for a mere $40.

Drop Stop

We all know how annoying it is to lose your phone, snacks, gum, money, and French fries in that small but oh-so-hard-to-reach gap between your car’s seats and centre console. Well now you can make those frustrating moments a thing of the past. At just $20 for two gap-blocking strips, the Drop Stop will keep even the smallest objects off the floor, and your car interior spic n’ span.

Car vacuum

For anyone who ferries their kids around in a minivan, a hand vacuum that plugs into the 12V power supply is a great way to suck up all the crumbs and mess that can accumulate (cereal, New Year’s confetti, etc.) without having to pull over at the car wash or drag the plug-in vacuum out of the house. Available at big box stores for around $20.

The best gift for the driver on your list

Maybe you spend a lot of time on the road. Maybe you spend most of every family gathering talking about cars.

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