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null The Do's and Don'ts of Window Safety for Children

If you haveyoung children or have young nieces and nephews visiting, it’s important tomake sure your home is childproof. This includes the windows andbalcony doors. Learn more with our do’s and don’ts of window safety.

DOInstall Childproof Window Locks

If thewindows in your home don’t already have locks, it’s a crucial step for childsafety to install them. There are childproof locks available for the differenttypes of windows that are simple to install. Window locks are one of the mosteffective solutions to prevent falls and injuries. Remember to keep windowslocked when you are not using them.

DON’TAssume a Window Screen Will Help

Whilewindow screens help to keep pests from flying into your home, theycan be knocked down if a child is pressing their weight on it or be torn apart.As a precaution, look to install a barrier in front of the window to helpprotect young children.

DOInstall Window Guards

Window guards are achildproof preventative measure to help keep kids safe. They are installed byscrewing the guard into the frame and ideally work with most window types. Safe Kids Worldwide recommends for windows above thefirst floor to include an emergency release mechanism in case of a fire.

DON’T PlaceFurniture Near Windows

Children are naturallycurious and enjoy exploring. This can include climbing on furniture to peekoutside a window. To help prevent an injury, avoid placing furniture nearwindows and balcony doors. Keep a watchful eye on children who may be exploringnear a window or encourage them to play in another area in your home.

DO Remove WindowCranks

Some windows areequipped with window cranks. To help babyproof your home, consider removingthem to prevent them from being accidentally opened. There are folding cranksavailable that are safer to use to open and close a window.

DON’T Use Corded WindowCoverings

Corded windowcoverings can be a potential home hazard for young children. Whether thecord is at the side of the window or inside the window covering, it can stillbe considered a strangulation risk. Keep the cord out of a children’s reach orsecure it to the wall. The Government of Canada’s HomeSafety page recommends reducing injury risk by going cordless. They are considered thesafest window coverings for children.

Continue to keep yourhome a safe space. Contact one of our licensed insurance advisors and learnmore about Desjardins Home Insurance coverage.

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The Do's and Don'ts of Window Safety for Children

boy standing in front of window

Unsecured windows can be a safety hazard in your home.

These tips are provided for information and prevention purposes only. They are general in nature, and Desjardins Insurance cannot be held liable for them. We recommend using caution and consulting an expert for comprehensive, tailored advice.

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