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null The Importance of Claims Service

These claims are filed by the policyholder directly with the insurance company or by brokers or agents representing the policyholder. This is usually the essence upon which insurance claims service is designed to restore normalcy to the afflicted and insured persons. This can also be looked at as the filing of compensation as stipulated in the insurance contract between the policyholder and the insurance company.

Once a claim has been forwarded to the insurance company by the insured person, the claims department of the insurance company starts its process. Together with other assisting staff, the claims adjuster will be tasked with the duty of looking into the claims made and confirm that the insurance contractual terms cover the claims made. If covered, the claims adjuster will calculate a monetary value of the claim made and approve payment. The claims adjuster usually maintains communication with the policyholder throughout the process. The insured person is also at liberty to engage the services of a public claims adjuster to negotiate a reasonable amount of money on his or her behalf.

Some of the importance of claims service includes;

  • The policyholder is given a chance to enjoy a reasonable amount of money to compensate for the loss suffered.
  • In an event of loss or damage of an insured property, claims services will ensure that the insurance company has been alerted of the same within the time-frame stipulated.
  • The policyholder will also get the necessary advice on whether the claim made is covered or admissible as contained in the insurance contract.

Claims service is therefore important in ensuring that the insured person gets what is rightfully deemed appropriate to restore normalcy. In this way, the insured person gets the compensation to what was lost or damaged.

The Importance of Claims Service

Discover the importance of the auto and home insurance claims service.

Claims represent the value payable to the insured person in an event of loss of insured property.

These tips are provided for information and prevention purposes only. They are general in nature, and Desjardins Insurance cannot be held liable for them. We recommend using caution and consulting an expert for comprehensive, tailored advice.

In Quebec, Desjardins Insurance refers to Desjardins General Insurance Inc. In Ontario and Alberta, Desjardins Insurance refers to Certas Direct Insurance Company, underwriter of automobile and property insurance.

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