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null Tips to Prepare Kids for Back to School

While kids are faced with new classes, teachers, and tougher homework assignments, parents must content with their own unique challenges and can be left asking themselves “how do I help prepare the kids for back to school?”

Worried parents, rest easy – there are plenty of things you can start doing now, in order to make your child’s transition from summer to school year as smooth as possible. Use the following tips to get started:

Ease Into a School Schedule

You don’t have to wait until classes begin to start easing your children into their typical school schedule. A few weeks before the end of summer break, take the opportunity to re-establish school routines with your children, so that the transition is that much easier when the school bells ring in September.

This could mean having your children wake up and go to bed at the same time that they usually do for school days, and having breakfast, lunch, and snacks around the same time that your children eat during a typical school day.

What’s more, encouraging your kids to leave the house every morning, rather than relaxing in their pyjamas, can help break lax summertime routines and make it that much easier for your little ones to get out the door come September mornings.

Organize Your Household for Back to School

Getting your little ones back into their academic routine is made much easier by a home that’s organized for the school year ahead.

This could include some basic cleaning and organizing throughout every room in your home, and creating family calendars to help track appointments, commitments, and after-school activities.

Make Mornings Easier

School day mornings are hectic – make them easier this fall by easing your children into a morning schedule that will help get them out the door on time, and help turn a chaotic school day morning into a calm and organized one.

Practice time-saving nighttime rituals in the last few weeks of summer – prepare your children’s lunches the night before, and have your children set out the clothes they will wear the next day to avoid any last-minute rush.

In the morning, choose simple yet healthy breakfast options that don’t require much preparation. What’s more, creating a “launch pad” for every child can help make mornings that much easier – simply designate a spot in your home, such as “by the kitchen table” or “in the hallway,” where lunch boxes, backpacks, and other school essentials will go. Put school items in this same spot every morning to avoid a last-minute scramble before the little ones rush out the door.

Get Your Back to School Shopping Done

Avoid leaving your back to school shopping to the last few days of summer break to avoid busy shopping malls. Assess each child’s back to school needs before you set out, including clothing and school supplies.

Before purchasing an entirely new wardrobe for your little one, check their closet for clothing items that could be re-worn in the coming year.

As you shop, refer to the supply list provided by your child’s school for a detailed breakdown of back to school essentials.

Foster Independence

Encouraging your child to take on more and more responsibilities – such as organizing his school materials and bringing home her homework for the day – will help your little one build confidence and independence once the school year is underway.

Simple, age-appropriate tasks – from practising tying their shoes to writing down their assignments – will help get your child ready for managing basic everyday tasks, and that will make back to school easier for the whole family.

Tips to Prepare Kids for Back to School

As the dog days of summer dwindle down, and a crisp September looms on the horizon, comes the start of a new school year for Canadian students from elementary school to university.

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