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null Tokyo motor show: 5 innovative concept cars

In keeping with the theme of future mobility solutions, this year’s show highlighted a variety of innovations in the auto industry. Here are a few of the vehicles that caught our attention.

1. The car for runners

This concept car aims to offer drivers greater flexibility than a conventional car.

The standout feature of this car:

  • It has seats that allow the driver and passenger to half-sit, half-stand.

Its benefits:

  • This car is higher than it is long, so it takes up less space on the road—and in traffic jams!
  • Most driving and navigation controls are operated by voice commands.

2. The chameleon car

Unlike the previous model, this imposing car offers several different arrangements for occupants’ comfort and activities.

The “meeting” position: place the seats face-to-face so you can devote your full attention to your companion’s fascinating tales about their latest vacation.

The “lounge” configuration: recreate the comfort of your living room by shifting the seats around according to your preference.

3. The accessible car

The idea is to allow seniors or people with reduced mobility to move around easily whether they’re the driver or passenger. The floor is low to the ground and the access ramp can be adapted for wheelchairs. With the aging population, this concept could take off in Canada.

4. The mobile cafe

With food trucks and street food all the rage these days, the side window of this mini food truck flips up, revealing the perfect retail space. Who knows? This little car might be popular with sushi vendors in Japan!

5. The mobile battery car

This little two-seater is 100% electric and offers unheard of versatility in terms of range. Instead of a single battery that remains in the car (and can only hold one charge at a time), drivers can choose between several types of batteries, all the size of a briefcase and all interchangeable. Need a quick charge, but only going a short distance? There’s a battery for that. Got more time to charge, but need to go on a longer trip? There’s a battery for that too!

In conclusion

Which one of these concept cars would you choose? Do you think they’d be a good fit on Canadian roads?

Tokyo motor show: 5 innovative concept cars

The Tokyo Motor Show is known for introducing wacky technologies.

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