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null Top Ten Calgary Parks
  • Eau Claire Plaza in downtown Calgary along the Bow River is 0.1 hectares of mostly urban infrastructure, including restaurants, an amphitheatre, a fresh market, a playground, a spray park and a wading pool. Eau Claire Shopping Centre is located beside the plaza.
  • Prince’s Island Park is 20 hectares of land in the Bow River in Downtown Calgary. Together with the infrastructure to host some large festivals, it also features picnic areas, a playground, canoe access to the river, pathways and hiking trails, flower gardens, skiing, skating and a restaurant.
  • Edworthy Park is sprawled over a massive 169 hectares in a valley along the Bow River in South-West Calgary. It includes various pathways, natural trails like the spectacular Douglas Fir Trail and the Lawrey Gardens, several picnic spots, barbeque stands, a children’s playground and a gazebo.
  • Stanley Park takes up 21 hectares in South-West Calgary along the Elbow River. While there is substantial greenery along many pathways, it is also known for its sports field, toboggan hill, tennis courts, bowling facility, outdoor swimming pool and fishing and rafting access to the Elbow River. It also has picnic and barbeque sites.
  • Griffith Woods, on the bank of the Elbow River in South-West Calgary, contains 93 hectares of wetlands and forests with their lively plant and animal life. For a break from all this natural tranquility, there are soccer fields, basketball courts and a playground.
  • Confederation Park contains a huge 162 hectares of pathways for long hikes and bicycle rides. It also features substantial wetlands and the legendary Confederation Park Golf Course.
  • Nosehill Park in North-West Calgary is one of the largest natural environment spaces in the area, at 1129 hectares. It contains native grassland, willows, Trembling Aspen, animal life like deer and coyotes and beautiful views of the Rockies, and the Bow River Valley from the plato. It is a hikers and cyclists heaven, and a perfect place to walk the dogs.
  • Shouldice Park in North-West Calgary contains 28 hectares of primarily sports facilities. There is the Shouldice Aquatic Centre for swimming, the Shouldice Arena for ice sports and the athletic complex for soccer, football, softball and baseball. There are also some pathways along the Bow River and a picnic site.
  • Rotary Park is six hectares of mostly urban land in North-East Calgary. It features a large off-leash area for the dogs, a playground for the kids and a spray park for the whole family.
  • Tom Campbell’s Hill overlooks the Bow River, Nose Creek waterways and Downtown from North-East Calgary. It is 18 hectares of pathways and natural hiking and cycling trails, many of which are off-leash.

Top Ten Calgary Parks

Of the over 10,000 hectares of parkland and nearly 800 kilometres of pathways, it is nearly impossible to choose the best parks in Calgary, but the following ten are likely to be on most people’s lists:

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