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null Valentine’s Day Décor: Easy & Inspiring Ideas

There are plenty of easier ways to add a romantic yet subtle ambience to a lovely Valentine’s Day indoors. Take a cue from these easy and inspiring Valentine’s Day ideas to add a touch of romance to your home’s décor:

Paper Heart Garland

If you don’t have a real chandelier to hang above your romantic home-made dinner, why not make a more personalized – and much more affordable – alternative? This DIY paper heart chandelier is as easy to craft as it is charming!

Use heart templates to cut pink and red card stock into the perfect little hearts – about 100 in total.

Then, fold the hearts in half length-wise, and tape them back to back. Tape them along a long piece of twine, alternating in colour as you go down. After you’ve made several heart-filled strings, tie them to your embroidery hoop for a chandelier worthy of cupid’s approval!

Idea via Inspired to Share

Flower and Candle Centrepiece

Flowers and candles – there’s nothing quite as romantic!

Why not combine these two quintessential Valentine’s Day items to create a dreamy yet ultra-easy centrepiece for your table?

The possibilities for this charming décor idea are almost endless: add orchids and floating candles into a shallow aluminium basin for an elegant-yet-rustic glow.

Or, submerge an entire red rose into a water-filled glass centrepiece – using rocks to keep the flower in place – and place a votive candle to float ontop.

Even a simple glass food bowl, filled with water, sprinkled with white pebbles, complete with floating flowers of all kinds – makes for the perfect romantic centrepiece.

Try various combinations of flowers, candles, and glass containers – your Valentine’s Day dinner will be all the sweeter for it!

Heart String Art

The best kind of Valentine’s Day décor? The kind that you can appreciate for the other 364 days of the year!

You won’t be tempted to take down this cute and quirky string heart installation after your romantic rendezvous. What’s more, this DIY art piece makes for a perfect addition to wedding reception décor.

Simply hammer down nails in a heart-shape on a large piece of spray-painted wood. Then, using pink or red yarn or string pieces, tie a knot around the head of one of the nails. Then, begin stringing the string along the nails, in any pattern you choose. There’s no right or wrong way to do this – simply keep stringing your yarn until you’re happy with the pattern you’ve created. Finish the piece by outlining the heart with string to heart shape stand out even more.

Idea via Green Wedding Shoes

Valentine’s Day Mantel

The table isn’t the only place where you can add a touch of romance!

Turn your ordinary fireplace mantle into the perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day décor with just a few added items, and a little bit of free time.

You can use chalkboards of varying sizes, adorned with loving messages written in chalk. Then, place elegant white porcelain vases in front of each chalk board. Finally, fill each vase with soft pink flowers – the contrast of the light pink against the dark black chalk board makes for a lovely contrast in colours.

Idea via Craftberry Bush

Happy Valentine’s Day and happy DIYing!

Valentine’s Day Décor: Easy & Inspiring Ideas

If you’re looking to decorate your home for a romantic valentine’s dinner for two, you don’t need to go spend hours crafting hearts out of construction paper!

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