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null Warm Up: Electric Blanket Safety

Although new models of electric blankets are safer to use and claim to be less of a fire hazard, there is still some concern for getting burnt by it. When using one, consider these safety tips to help keep you cozy and secure.

Check Product Label

When purchasing an electric blanket, look closely at the product label. Make sure a national testing laboratory certifies it. You can also check The Government of Canada’s Health Canada website to see if the consumer product is safe to use.

Bed Type

Before using an electric blanket on your bed, it's important to make sure you have the right bed type for it. A waterbed or hospital-style bed can lead to electric shock and burns. If you already have a heated mattress, it’s not recommended to use an electric blanket for additional heat.

Electric Cord

Be careful of the cord and wiring from the blanket. Avoid putting the cord directly under the mattress. This can cause friction, which can ruin the cord and trap extra heat. When using an electric blanket, make sure you don’t let any pets on it as they can scratch and claw at it, potentially exposing the electric wiring. They may also be tempted to chew on the wiring.

Keep Blanket Flat

While using an electric blanket, avoid placing any objects on top of it such as a laptop or tablet to cause overheating. Try keeping the blanket flat as well. If it’s folded or tucked in, it can trap plenty of heat.


Make sure you store your electric blanket away correctly. First, unplug the cord from the wall and the control unit from the blanket. Put them away in a separate storage bags. Next, fold the blanket carefully and put it into a storage bag followed by the bag that contains the cord and control unit. Then you can store the blanket away in a closet or storage unit in your home. Do not place anything on top of it to prevent damaging the coils.

Owing an electronic blanket can certainly keep you warm and help save money on heating costs, when used and stored correctly. Do not turn on an electric blanket and leave it unattended. Avoid sleeping with the blanket at night to prevent a potential fire hazard.

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Warm Up: Electric Blanket Safety

bedroom with a blanket draped on the bed

Whether curling up on the couch or snuggling in bed, an electric blanket can help keep you warm.

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