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null Your Guide to Halloween on a Budget

For most Canadians, however, it also means spending – and this year, Canadians plan on spending even more.

This is the first time in six years that the spooky celebration has fallen on a Saturday, and – according to digital offers site – 66% of Canadians plan to spend more money on All Hollow’s Eve.

Just because you want to go all out this October 31st, doesn’t mean you have to break the bank! From candy to costumes to décor, use our guide to celebrate Halloween on a budget.

The Costume


Making your costume, rather than buying it, can help you save considerably this Halloween. From witches to pirates to princesses, there’s no shortage of DIY Halloween costumes out there, and plenty of online tutorials and step-by-step guides to help you create your ghoulish getup from scratch.

Not sure where to begin? Here are a few DIY costume ideas to get you started:

Shop at the Thrift Store

If the idea of making your own Halloween costume is simply too scary, try shopping at the thrift store for serious savings.

Second-hand stores, such as Value Village and the Salvation Army, offer a wide selection of both children’s and adults’ Halloween costumes. And while you might have to rifle through a few clothing racks or bins to find the perfect combination of pieces, the extra work will be worth it for your wallet.

Do a Swap

Somewhere between making your own Halloween costume and buying one, is the idea of doing a swap. Instead of throwing away costumes from Halloweens past, offer them up to willing friends, family or neighbours in exchange for some of their old costumes.

Not only will you cut your costume budget to $0, you’ll save those gently-used costumes from ending up in a landfill, and that helps to minimize your ecological footprint this Halloween.

The Candy

Buy it in Bulk

Instead of grabbing a few chocolate bars here and a few lollipops there, buy your Halloween candy in bulk from a warehouse store such as Costco, or from a bulk foods retailer such as Bulk Barn. Purchasing your candy in bulk is your best bet for saving on Halloween treats – just remember to compare unit prices to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

Skip the Chocolate

While there’s no doubt that chocolate is delicious, it’s also harder on the wallet than most other candy. To avoid overspending, opt for sugar-based treats instead, such as lollipops, gummi bears, and caramel candies.

Opt for Candy Alternatives

This Halloween, why not give your trick-or-treaters a break from the sugar rush? Opting for non-traditional candy alternatives will save you money, and offer kids a more varied trick-or-treat trove.

However, just because it’s not candy, doesn’t mean it has to be toothbrushes! Anything from granola bars and fruit snacks to Halloween-themed stickers, mini activity pads, and temporary tattoos are great substitutes to the usual sugar-filled treats. Plus, parents will be glad to see some healthy alternatives in their little ones’ Halloween fare.

The Decorations

Pick Pumpkins Wisely

While picking your pumpkins straight from the pumpkin patch is quintessential fall fun, this will typically prove much more expensive than if you pick them up from your local grocery store. You can save considerably (50% or more) by opting for a grocery store pumpkin instead.

What’s more, holding off on your pumpkin purchase will pay off in the long run as well – wait until a few days before Halloween, or even the day before, to buy your pumpkins at deeply discounted prices. Plus, purchasing and carving your pumpkins closer to the big day will ensure that they won’t rot by the time the trick-or-treaters come out.

Buy Them at the Dollar Store

Instead of stocking up on pricey Halloween decorations at the party store, opt for the dollar store instead. Specialty Halloween and party stores will always be more expensive than your local discount store.

From jack-o-lanterns to skeletons to spooky centerpieces, the dollar store is full of inexpensive décor items that are sure to turn your home into a Halloween haven – on a budget.

Start Scouting for Next Year

It might seem a little extreme, but stocking up on spooky decorations right after October 31st is the best way to get serious savings on all things Halloween décor. Many retailers offer steep discounts right after the big day has passed – expect savings of 50, 75, and even 90% off regular retail price!

No matter how you’ll be celebrating, remember: safety comes first, even on All Hollow’s Eve. Be sure to brush up on Halloween safety tips before heading out with the little ones, so you can make sure their night of trick-or-treating fun goes smoothly.

Happy Halloween!

Your Guide to Halloween on a Budget

Halloween is just around the corner, and that means candy, costumes, ghouls, and goblins galore!

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