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Loss or damage involving your
business or commercial vehicle?

Accident or loss?

Count on us 24/7

When you are insured with Desjardins Insurance, you can count on a 24/7 claims service. We know how nerve-racking having an accident or a loss is. This is why we process your claim quickly and help you until the very last details have been worked out.

Learn more about the steps involved in filing a claim for:

Building damage

The interior or exterior of your building was damaged by a natural disaster or another incident.

Water damage

Your business was damaged by water (e.g., burst pipe, sewer back-up, water seepage, flood).

Business property theft or vandalism

Business property was stolen or vandalized on your company premises or at a job site.

Fire and smoke

Your building was damaged by fire or smoke.

Incident involving your liability

You accidentally injured someone or damaged their property in the course of your business operations.

Collision involving your commercial vehicle

Your commercial vehicle was damaged when it hit another vehicle, an object or the ground.

Commercial vehicle theft

Your commercial vehicle was stolen.

Commercial vehicle vandalism

Your commercial vehicle was vandalized.

Auto glass breakage

Your commercial vehicle’s windshield was chipped or cracked.

Accident or loss?

Count on us 24/7

Call at 1-888-776-8343