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Cyber risk offer from Desjardins Insurance

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What is a cyber risk?

If your business uses the internet in its operations, it's exposed to information security risks, also called cyber risks. Phishing emails, viruses and malware are just some of the ways criminals can access information about you or your clients.

Why should I get cyber risk protection for my business?

For companies of any size, reputation damage, financial losses and business disruption due to a security breach can have disastrous consequences. You can adopt simple cybersecurity measures to protect your business, but if something happens, the right insurance can limit your losses and mitigate the impacts on your clients.

Protect your business against cyber threats

Identity theft

With our Identity Restoration insurance coverage, you’re personally protected against identity theft and its consequences.

Identity theft is the unauthorized use of someone else’s personal information to commit a crime (getting a loan or credit, signing a contract, etc.).

Identity restoration coverage includes:

  • a helpline
  • assistance from an identity restoration specialist who will walk you through every step of the process
  • reimbursement of certain expenses, such as credit report fees

Data breach

With our Data Compromise insurance coverage, your business is protected if data in your possession or control is lost, stolen or inadvertently disclosed.

Your business data is vulnerable to:

  • document theft
  • hacking
  • accidental disclosure of sensitive information like credit card numbers, health insurance numbers and social insurance numbers. This can happen if someone steals files, loses a laptop or visits a website with security vulnerabilities.

Our Data Compromise option covers:  

  • the cost of hiring an IT expert to determine the nature and extent of the data breach
  • the cost of hiring a public relations firm to determine what measures are needed, as well as other expenses incurred to manage your business relationships
  • the cost of reporting the breach to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada as required by law
  • any legal fees you incur if you're sued or found liable (settlement or judgment)

In addition to protecting your business, the coverage includes free services for your customers, employees and providers if they're also affected by the data breach:

  • Information
  • Helpline
  • Fraud alerts
  • Identity theft case management

Cyber attack

Our CyberOne insurance coverage can help you ensure business continuity if your business incurs financial losses as a result of a cyber attack.

An attack by a cyber criminal can disrupt business operations by damaging data information, operating systems and software.

This option covers:

  • the cost of hiring a specialized IT and communications firm
  • the cost of restoring or reconstituting lost or corrupted data
  • the cost of restoring your systems, including replacing or reinstalling software and removing malware
  • operating losses and other expenses incurred while your data is being recovered and your systems restored.

We can help you choose the right coverage

Our business insurance agents are trained to help you choose the right cyber risk coverage based on your industry and the size of your business. Contact an agent today to discuss your needs.

Want to know more about the information security measures your business should adopt?

Check out the Protecting your business against cyberattacks kit. You’ll find useful tools and good advice for your business.

The information on this page is provided for informational purposes only. The terms and conditions of the coverages described are set out in the insurance policy, which always prevails. Certain conditions, exclusions and limitations may apply.

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