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General and specialized contractors insurance

Protect your livelihood with insurance for contractors

Do you own a construction company? Are you a renovation contractor or work as a specialized contractor (e.g. electrician, plumber, mover, excavation contractor or landscaper)? Then you need contractor business insurance coverage to protect you in the event of a loss.

Contractor insurance: Basic coverage

Our basic coverage for general and specialized contractors provides all-risk insurance with replacement cost and no co-insurance clause in the event of a claim. Among others, it includes coverage for:

Accidental damage to electrical, mechanical or electronic equipment

Additional expenses incurred to continue normal business operations after an insured loss

Work sites

Financial loss due to a fraudulent electronic funds transfer originating on the insured premises

Contractor insurance: Optional coverage

In addition to the most common optional coverages, you can customize your insurance based on what you need for your business:

Property loss caused by a flood on a work site

Damage to a work site caused by an earthquake

Vandalism to model homes

Cost of renting tools and equipment to be able to continue work following theft or another insured loss

Accidental environmental damage

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