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Business liability insurance and property insurance

Choose business liabilities insurance coverage from Desjardins Insurance to protect your income source.

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With the time and energy you invest in your business, it’s essential to have the right protection. When you choose business liability insurance from us, you get comprehensive coverage tailored to your activity sector, whether you run a small business or a medium or large sized company.

Basic coverage

Our all-risk business insurance includes the following coverages:

Commercial property

Protects your building, merchandise and equipment against damage caused by fire, theft and vandalism

Equipment breakdown

Covers the accidental breakdown of mechanical, electrical, electronic, computer and telephone equipment

Loss of income

Protects your business against financial difficulties that may result from an insured loss. Several coverages are offered

Dishonesty, disappearance and destruction

Protects your business against fraudulent activities from third parties as well as internal theft or embezzlement

Commercial liability

Be covered in case of property damage or injury caused to a third party

Optional coverage

Additional business insurance coverages that may interest you:


Covers damage to your property caused by an earthquake


Protects your building, merchandise and equipment against damage caused by flooding

Sewer back-up and overflow

Provides compensation for damage caused by sewer back-up

Public utility interruption (water, electricity, gas)

Covers loss of income and property damage following an off-premises service interruption caused by an insured loss

Savings and benefits

Savings for LEED-certified buildings

Save 10% on your property and business liability insurance if your building is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified

Savings for centrally monitored fire and theft alarm systems

Save on your insurance if you install a centrally monitored fire and theft alarm system

Business assistances services

Insure your business with us and get the following advisory services at no extra cost:

Legal assistance

Talk to a lawyer for advice on disputes with clients, suppliers or employees

Professional expertise assistance

Gain access to a vast network of qualified, reputable suppliers (accountants, plumbers, IT specialists and more)

Some conditions, limitations and exclusions may apply. The text on this page is provided for information purposes only. Full details regarding coverage and exclusions can be found in the insurance policy, which always takes precedence. 

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