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Retail business insurance

Protect your business with retail insurance

In the business world, you can never be too careful! Whether you own a supermarket, furniture store, hardware store, fashion boutique, or anything in between, we have the right retail insurance coverage.

Retailer insurance: Basic coverage

Our basic coverage for retailers provides all-risk insurance with replacement cost and no co-insurance clause in the event of a claim. Among others, it includes coverage for:

Accidental breakage of windows and signs

Accidental damage to electrical, mechanical or electronic equipment

Building damage caused by break-in

Seasonal inventory value adjustments

Financial loss due to a fraudulent electronic funds transfer originating on the insured premises

Loss or damage caused by interruption in your cloud-based services

Replacement of keys and locks if your keys are lost or stolen

Retailer insurance: Optional coverage

In addition to the most common optional coverages, you can customize your insurance based on what you need for your business:

Damage caused by water seepage from the roof of your place of business

Financial loss due to business credit card fraud

Accidental environmental damage

Loss of business income due to bad publicity after a food poisoning event

Accidental breakage of refrigeration units in delivery trucks

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