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Get an alert in case of water damage

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Do you have a home insurance policy with us? Get a free water and freeze detector by signing up for the AlertTM program, available through the Desjardins Insurance Home-Auto app. Peace of mind in the palm of your hand!

What is Alert?

Alert is an innovative prevention program offered to our home insurance policyholders. It comes with a free water and freeze detector. If the unexpected happens, you’ll get an alert on your smartphone, meaning you can act fast and limit the damage caused by water and freezing.

Want to buy additional detectors? Whether you want them for other rooms in your house or for your cottage/seasonal home, you can buy them directly through the app at a preferred rate!

Alert is easy to use and reassuring. Just one more advantage of being insured with Desjardins Insurance!

Discover Alert

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The mobile app from Desjardins Insurance offers the Alert program, which sends you a notification in real time on your smartphone when water damage or a frozen pipe risk is detected in your home.

Every year, water causes substantial losses and damage to countless items we hold dear.

To prevent such incidents, any Home Insurance customer can now receive a free water and frozen pipe detector.

All you need is a Wi-Fi connection at home and a compatible smartphone.

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First, simply download the mobile app and go to the Alert section. Then follow the few steps to get your free detector.

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Once you’ve received your detector, synch it to your home’s Wi-Fi connection using your smartphone, then all you need to do is install it on the floor close to appliances or water sources that are the most at risk.

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If a leak or frozen pipe risk is detected, you’ll receive a real-time notification, wherever you are, so you can act fast to minimize water damage.

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Take the first step towards a connected house and sign up for the Alert program now.

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How does Alert work?

Download the Desjardins Insurance Home-Auto app

The app is free, without obligation and available for iPhone and Android smartphones.


No data plan required.


Download the app

Order and sync your free detector

Open the app to order your detector and follow the installation steps once you receive it. It’s fast and easy!

The detector requires an at-home Wi-Fi connection.

Get alerts on your smartphone

If water or a risk of freezing is detected, you’ll be notified immediately on your smartphone.

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Sign up for the Alert program and enjoy the benefits

Desjardins Insurance is proud to be the only1 insurer in Canada offering this type of home insurance prevention program, providing our clients with the added benefits of:

  • Peace of mind because you can act quickly to limit any damage caused by water or freezing, and avoid the inconveniences that come with it.
  • Reassurance there will be no impact on your home insurance premiums or claims, no matter what alerts you receive.

Download the app today!

Insured with Desjardins Insurance? Download the app and take advantage of its many benefits—they’re just a tap away!

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Works on Apple Watch with an iPhone
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  • Conditions, exclusions and limitations may apply.
  • TM Alert is a trademark of Desjardins General Insurance Group Inc., used under licence.
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