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Add coverage for your specific needs. Desjardins Insurance also offers H2O+ Protection ̶ a full range of water damage coverages to give you even more peace of mind.

Water damage - Ground water and sewer back-up (excluding flood caused by the overflow of a body of water)
(Endorsement 16c)

Looking for protection against sewer back-ups?

Endorsement 16c, Water Damage - Ground water and sewer back-up, covers damage caused by surface or ground water including:

  • Sewer back-ups
  • Seepage or influx of water from natural sources through basement walls, doors or other openings

Do you have enough coverage for water damage? Determine how much coverage you need.

New! Flood caused by the overflow of a body of water
(Endorsement 16d)

Looking for coverage against flood?

This coverage offers protection against sudden and accidental damage to insured property caused by:

  • Water that reaches the premises and that originates from the rising or overflow of a body of water or from a dam break
  • Impact by water-borne objects that reach the premises, including ice

Water damage - Above-ground water and weight of ice and snow
(Endorsement 42)

Want to protect your home against water seepage?

Endorsement 42, Extension of Coverage to Water Damage (above ground water) and Weight of Ice, Snow or Wet Snow provides protection against damage caused by:

  • Rain or snow seeping through walls, roofs or doors, windows and similar openings
  • Water discharge, back up, escape or overflow from an eavestrough or downspout
  • Weight of ice, snow and wet snow

You can often prevent water damage by taking a few simple precautions. Read our section on preventing water damage.

Fuel oil leaks
(Endorsements 46b and 46c)

Want to avoid unexpected costs caused by a fuel oil leak?

Endorsement 46b, Escape of Fuel Oil, covers:

  • Damage to your property
  • Soil decontamination up to $100,000

And Endorsement 46c protects:

  • Liability up to $100,000 for damage caused to someone else's property, if you’re a homeowner

Check whether you’re eligible for this coverage by answering a few questions about your fuel oil tank.

For more information, read about how you can prevent fuel oil leak.

Pool, hot tub, spa and sauna
(Endorsements 33a or 33b)

Looking to protect your oasis of peace?

Insure your pool, hot tub, spa or sauna against damage caused by freezing, the weight of ice or snow and more.

Get additional coverage for your above-ground pool (Endorsement 33a) or your inground pool, hot tub, spa or sauna (Endorsement 33b). Let the insurance agent know that you have one to make sure the coverage is added to your policy.

  • These endorsements also cover your equipment, accessories and attached patios that are not connected to the house.

Do you own a boat?

Insure your boat, personal watercraft or other watercraft, such as canoes, kayaks, row boats or pedal boats by adding specific coverage to your home insurance policy.

Contact an insurance agent for more information or to get a quote.

Good to know

Do you own high-value items like artwork, jewellery or special collections? Let your insurance agent know so they can make sure you have the right coverage.

Read our keys to prevention to find out how you can protect your property against water damage, weather damage and natural disasters.

  • The information provided on this page is meant for informational purposes only. Full details regarding coverage and exclusions can be found in the insurance policy, which always prevails. Certain conditions, limitations and exclusions may apply.

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